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Be Healthy By Grill

     Have you ever thought about how healthier is a grilled food or how can you make your healthier? My research would be about how healthy is the grilled food, and is it healthier than other kind of foods? Although I will write about is grilling charcoal on healthier than grilling on gas? I will mention the point that said the grilled food causing cancer. The last point I will write about why it became more common in 21 century. Who prefers to eat this food. In which culture it is common. What can we grill?That what my research will be about.


“Grilling With Charcoal Less Climate Than Grilling With Propane.” (Health and

Wellness Center.) NewsRx Health & Science, 31 May 2009. Web. 2 Apr. 2014.


This text simply talked about compare between to ways of grill. First one is by charcoal, and the other one by gas. In the text the author says both of them have a positive and negative effect, buton my research I will argue that charcoal grilling has fewer effects on climate than propane grilling. In my opinion, charcoal grilling is much healthier than gas grilling because the gas has a lot of strange health effects on the human body that the charcoal doesn’t have.


Kerstin Kühn. The Caterer and Hotelkeeper Interview: Paul Goodale. 202 Vol. Sutton: Reed Business Information UK, 2012. Print.


In this text the author says; there are many kinds of grilling food that’s good for the health. He mentioned a specific kind of food, which is “salamander”. Salamander is “grilled food by very high temperature.”  I will use this source in my research because it would help me to explain how is the grilled food healthier and how is it effect positively. Also, there is a type of grill which is salamander grill they said it’s the most common grilling way.


Pressner, Amanda. “Grill Power.” Prevention Feb.2006:143 Student Resources in Context. Web. 2Apr.2014


The author in this essay talked about cancer and how it comes from the grilling. She gave us examples and advices how to avoid or protect our self from the cancer, which came from grilling. Also this source will show how outdoor grilling in summer caused cancer, and how can we avoid that by doing some protection staff.


“Healthier Cooking Methods: Grilling versus Frying.” / Nutrition / Healthy Eating. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2014.


The text has many things about the tow kind of food one of food. The author wrote the advantage of grilled food and the disadvantage of fried food. I will use this source to do compare between the tow ways of cookfood, which are grilling and frying. Simply it will show the side effect for frying and the positive effect for grilling.



Parkin, Joe. Praise: Grilled Food. 17 Vol. Source Interlink Media, LLC, 2010. Print.


In short this article talked about how grilled food became common in 21th century, and it talks about how people eat this food like weekly. That would help my research to explain how human food are changeable. It’s change from year to year.


Grilled Veggie Pizza. 251 Vol. New York: Hearst Magazines, a Division of the Hearst Corporation, 2010. Print.


In this text the author describe how to grilled a pizza it’s kind of strange grilled dish. In the text he wrote how to prepare the pizza step by step, and that will help me to add in my research an exotic dish cooked by grilled. That will be a great hook to attract the reader. Although it’s strange topic and good to write about it..


Grilled Veggie Pizza. 251 Vol. New York: Hearst Magazines, a Division of the Hearst Corporation, 2010. Print.


In this topic the author wrote about grilled food for man. Piece of beef stake that is the hungry man meal usually men prefer to eat grilled food more than women because of some women feel awful when they see the meat, but the men will enjoy the meat they act like a lion when they eat this piece of meat.


Gail Bellamy. Grilled, Barbecued & Beyond. 90 Vol. Cleveland: Penton Business Media, Inc. and Penton Media Inc, 2006. Print.


This author wrote about the culture of grilled food, and where it comes originally. As all we know grilled food came from the traditional human who lived 2000 years a go. Because when they discovered the fire they tried to grilled the food, but in this text the author talks about the culture, so he mentioned the Brazilian culture, also he write about cowboy culture. That will help me to define where is the most culture using this kind of food.


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