There are many uses of handwriting analysis in your life. Not just for personal relationships, you can use handwriting analysis at work too. You can get your employees’ handwriting analyzed to assign more productive project teams. An analysis of handwriting can even reveal hidden talents and skills, which might have gone unnoticed. You can harvest these talents and skills for the benefit of your organization.

Let me give you an example. Now, do note that I can’t really “show” you the different styles I mention in this article. To understand what I’m talking about, scroll down to the end of this article to see how you can better understand the different styles I’m going to mention here.

Take a look at the lowercase d’s below:

1. Knotted loops on “d” shows a person is diplomatic. Good person for dealing with clients, don’t you think so? But there’s a downside too. This person might “adjust” the truth to fit any particular situation. So that’s something why you might want to keep tabs on this person.

2. Full loop on “d” shows a person with a healthy imagination. That’s good, isn’t it? You can use such a person to start projects, or even design campaigns for marketing your products/services. But the fatter the loop, the more unrealistic the imagination can become.

3. Large loop on “d” shows a person with too high expectations about self. This person might be ambitious, but more prone to bite more than she can chew. Definitely a good worker, but it’s best to use her as a team player, instead of leading any team.

4. Open oval on “d” shows a person who talks about self, sometimes too much. She might not believe everything she’s saying, but she can’t help talking about herself. Would you even hire such a person in the first place? If you employ handwriting analysis as part of the interview process, you can easily avoid such persons working in your organization.

Now tell me, won’t these four features of the lowercase “d” help you understand someone working for you better? And if just these four features can tell you so much, just imagine how much you’re going to learn about someone through a complete handwriting analysis!

So take this piece of knowledge for a test drive – check the lowercase “d” in someone’s handwriting. And see if there is any relation between what you know about the person, and what you can understand from these four features of the lowercase “d”. You’ll be surprised what you find.

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