Your health insurance cost would of course differ from person to person. A lot of people are really scared of the cost implications of health insurance since everyone says it is expensive. Do not be deceived, it is expensive but you need to know that you can find a plan for your budget.

What your average monthly cost would certainly depend on on these two major factors:

Your health plan. Your choice of health plan is then first thing that would affect your monthly cost. The costlier being the indemnity plan and the cheaper being the managed-care plan. Note however that there are ways to lower your cost whichever plan you may be using.

Your health condition. This is “a no brainer”. The more you need health care, the more your monthly cost would be.

In addition to the above, another factor that would affect your monthly cost is the process you went through to get your policy.

In finding ways to reduce your monthly cost, we need to look at the other factors that affect your cost.

In your currently plan, you need to find out the things you have to pay for out of your pocket. This would include your deductible. usually the higher your deductible, the lower your monthly cost would be.

If you are with a HMO, the more you use only in-network care, the less your monthly your monthly cost would. So as much as you can stick with your in-network providers.

Above I mentioned something about “the process you went through to get your policy”. You can greatly reduce your cost if you start by comparing health insurance rates. This can be achieved by getting quotes from quotes comparison sites. You get these quotes and from them compare health insurance rates.

Whatever your budget, don’t just assume that their is no coverage you can afford. A careful search would reveal a health plan that would accommodate your budget.