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DiscussionHeather Stephenson4/1/2014 6:19:13 PM
I think what Adam Smith meant was that they specialize in these areas not out of want to help humanity but out of a “self-love”. What I mean by this is that the brewer, baker, and butcher practice these services to receive money. We go to them in order to receive a product and they provide the product for a profit. While they may love their job they are in it for monetary gain as well.  What he also meant was that while they may love their job and get to know their regulars they do not care to truly now and understand what interest all their patrons into coming into their location and purchasing their service. While we as the consumer do not think about how the business owner regards us we understand that for them they consider what their service can provide while also understanding what they need to survive.


I need a response for Michael around 75 words

Unit 1 DiscussionMichael Lawver Jr.3/29/2014 6:42:35 AM
       Adam Smith is saying that people are not providing goods to help make a profit for retailers like a store. No one walks into Ford and buys a car hoping that it helps the company turn a profit; they’re buying it because they need it. The same is true for someone like the butcher that is mentioned in Smith’s statement, he’s not selling the meat to the store so that the store makes a profit, he is doing it so that he can provide for his family. In the last part of his statement, he is saying that suppliers are not going to market their products out of the company’s necessities to make a profit, but of their advantages over other products in the marketplace.



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