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US History

DescriptionI. General InfoYour essay should be three to four pages double spaced and word processed and uploaded to Canvas in acompatible file format before the announced deadline.Each essay should develop a clear thesis and offer evidence from all relevant assigned readings and the lecturePowerPoints. You must also incorporate at least three direct quotations from Give Me Liberty and/or anotherassigned reading into your essay.Outside research is NOT required for this assignment.II. Essay QuestionsFor the midterm, you will write an essay based on one of three essay questions. DO NOT write an essay thatanswers more than one or all three questions—choose ONE of the questions below.Question 1: How did English-Indian relations evolve during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenthcenturies?In recent weeks we discussed European-Indian relations related to the fur trade and imperial wars betweenGreat Britain and France during the eighteenth century. You may incorporate some of that material into thisquestion, but this question demands you to step back and assess European-Indian relations over a wider timeframe: from the beginning of English settlement at Roanoke in 1585 to the outbreak of the AmericanRevolution in 1775. How did English-Indian relations change during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenthcenturies? Also, what aspects of English-Indian relations did not change during the sixteenth, seventeenth, andeighteenth centuries?Question : How did African & African American slavery evolve during the seventeenth and eighteenthcenturies?A few weeks back, we discussed the emergence of slavery in Virginia during the seventeenth century. You canincorporate some of that material into this question, but this question demands that you step back and assesshow slavery evolved not only during the seventeenth century, but over the course of the eighteenth century aswell. How did slavery evolve in tandem with the rest of colonial society from 161 to the outbreak of theAmerican Revolution in 1775? Just as important, what were some of the major experiences of slavery forAfricans and African Americans?Question 3: What short- and long-term developments explain why the colonists rebelled against Britishauthority in 1775?In recent days, we have discussed key events in the American Revolution, and, just as importantly, key eventsthat led the colonists to the rebel against Great Britain in the first place. You can incorporate some of thatmaterial into this question, but this question demands that you step back and assess some key short- and long-term causes of the Revolution. Which major political events after the Seven Years’ War sparked rebellion? Justas important, what long-term developments—what aspects of colonial economic and political life stretchingback to the seventeenth and sixteenth centuries—explain colonial ideas of independence and the colonists’rejection of British authority after the Seven Years’ War?

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