In this day and age, education is more important and vital for the very survival of our nation’s future than ever. And, the most important equation of that ability to survive is found in our children. As we continue to seek the best curriculum and schooling money can buy, we find ourselves in a dilemma: the skyrocketing cost per child to educate them coupled with ever-lowering standards of expectation. Many parents are deeply concerned as to what to do in order to turn this situation around, especially in light of the rest of the world’s interest ensuring that their children, and by default their country, receive what is necessary to excel academically, thus the whole of society benefiting as a result.

In the world of education, as we have progressed from the one room schoolhouse to grades kindergarten through high school and on to college, one thing tends to stand out: the child’s age being the primary determining factor as to what grade they are assigned. Unfortunately, that is often not a precursor to guarantee good learning since it is a known fact that not all children are created equal simply because they are the same age. Into this arena comes a series of books that provide some well-needed information addressing this dilemma.

Following in the footsteps of “Better Late Than Early” and “School Can Wait” Raymond and Dorothy Moore have compiled an easy to read, down to earth approach to teaching children at home with “Home Grown Kids“. As it is stated, this is a practical guide when it comes to teaching within the home by the adults who care the most about the children: the parents.

In part one of the book, titled “Family Or The State?”, you find provocative titles such as “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle…” or “Parents In Charge” and, right away, you get the sense where this book is going: a head on collision with the status quo regarding the education of the child.

In part two of “Home Grown Kids” titled “Steps In Parenthood” you will receive extensive yet easy to comprehend advice, starting with “Setting The Stage For Birth” and ending in chapter nine “The Reasoning Sevens, Eights and Nines”.

Coming from the standpoint that the educational system has it exactly backwards when it allows developmentally challenged children to stay home, yet demands by law that “normal” children receive a public education outside the home, “Home Grown Kids” takes the position that it is just as vitally important to have the option to teach all children at home, therefore eliminating altogether the differences imposed by society.

You will find “Home Grown Kids” to be a wonderful source of encouragement as well as that needed “push back” to the status quo in order to more intelligently control your child’s destiny when it comes to his or her education. Honestly, who better to determine the course of a child’s future than the parent? With “Home Grown Kids” this is exactly what you will receive to make that determination.

With a wealth of references and resources available, along with a forward by Dr. James C. Dobson, “Home Grown Kids” is sure to occupy a prominent place in your library.

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