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Begin each response with a positive reflection on an idea or viewpoint expressed by the learner. Add your own perspective or a relevant reference from the literature. In this course, you will consider the topics of diversity and multiculturalism. Create inclusive learning environments that demonstrate respect and value of diverse backgrounds. Incorporate multicultural perspectives into curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Consider these competencies, and complete the first two columns of a KWL chart about them. A KWL chart is a way to activate background knowledge and to stimulate thinking about a topic. The “K” stands for what you KNOW about the topic, and the “W” stands for what you WANT to know about the topic. Using the KWL Chart template linked in the Resources, complete the K and W sections. Post the chart to the discussion board as an attachment. What content related to these topics feels “solid” to you? In other words, about which content do you have the most firm knowledge and experience? What about these topics feels “muddy” to you? In other words, with which topics do you have less knowledge and experience?

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