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Bear in mind that even though an EDMS may meet all the Department of Defense guidelines, it may not meet all the requirements for your agency. Therefore, you must also consider any legal requirements applicable to your agency. Due to the impact on users and the additional expense associated with successful implementation, successful incorporation of records management software into your agency will require patience, ongoing management support, and consistent availability of resources. • Storage, this function will allow you to store documents within the EDMS or to centrally manage your adjunct storage system. • Free-text search. This function allows users to search every word in an entire document or a specified group of documents. Other systems search only metadata. • Hypertext links. Some EDMSs will provide hypertext links from one document to another to facilitate navigating and browsing among related documents. • Automatic conversion. Some EDMSs will automatically convert one file format to another when the file is designated as a record (or at another specific point in the workflow). • Compound document management. Some EDMSs manage compound documents better than others. Compound documents are single documents that contain multiple elements (e.g., text, photographs, video, and hypertext links).

Get help for Franklin University MKTG 300 Assignment Help. The Cereal Aisle Analysis, Cereal Product Development Proposal, and Cereal Product Promotion assignments, are to be written as if you have been recently hired to work in the product development and marketing department of a large producer of breakfast cereals. Naturally, you begin by learning how breakfast cereal is retailed. In the Cereal Aisle Analysis assignment, visit a grocer and look closely at the different brands of cereal, their packaging, their placement on the shelves, and the behaviors of people as they shop. Your paper should demonstrate that you have made a careful observation, collected data, and then drawn upon your data and your readings to develop testable insights regarding the merchandising of cereal. 1. Carefully read this assignment and review your Week 1 & 2 readings. 2. Conduct an observational research study in the cereal section of a major grocery store in your area.

Learn as much as you can about the marketing of breakfast cereals from your observations. Discreetly observe customer behavior. How long does it take for shoppers to make a selection? How many packages does each shopper buy? What assortment do they buy? If two or more people are shopping together, which person is making the decision? Can you discern any patterns in shopping behaviors? Take notes on what you observe. To help you prepare for Cereal Product Development Proposal and Cereal Product Promotion, be on the lookout for new product opportunities. Are there market segments that are underserved? Are there products missing? Could product form or packaging be modified? 3. Write a two-page (plus attachments) business memo. Adhere to the Guidelines for Written Marketing Assignments. In 4 to 5 paragraphs, describe what you observed including any patterns you noted. Summarize the important data you collected. Note: With the limited data you gathered, you cannot draw accurate conclusions about customer behavior with regard to purchasing cereal.

Limit this section of your report to what you observed. Do not make any extrapolations or interpretations. Marginal: There are 27 different garden hoses of different quality, prices, and lengths at the Lowe’s I visited in Worthington. Older customers and younger ones looked at hoses and some people made some purchases. Some people looked but did not take anything off the shelf. Better: All of the hoses are sorted by expected life of the product, from 5 years to lifetime warranty, as well as by length, from 25 feet to 100 feet. There are comparatively few expensive hoses to choose from and only in lengths of 75 to 100 feet. All of the hoses are in one aisle, next to the sprinklers. The higher quality, heavier hoses are higher up on the shelves than the lighter hoses. The body of your report is a summary your observations. In contrast, the conclusions section should bring meaning and interpretation to that data.

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