Honda motor Corporation has always been a symbol of quality work that will last for years. People have come to trust this name as a brand as one which they can get their money’s worth. This brand recognition for Honda does not come without high expectations however. Honda is seeking to find new ways to earn further it’s quality to customers and they do that by enhancing their current processes to become even better than they currently are. the engineering teams find new ways to save money, time and also new ways to make their product more durable or simply more stunning than they have been before.

With the advent of even more technology being integrated into automobile’s, Honda has saw fit to install line end testers to their production. “To this end, Honda has installed line end testers (LETs), an inspection and diagnostic system developed in-house, at production plants in Japan and overseas. “( These LET’s will enable honda to precisely measure the diagnostics of the electronic equipment for their vehicles to make sure they are working proficiently, and will be less subject to human error during inspection.

Every day, Honda seeks to make it’s processes better in order to meet customer demands. “Not surprisingly, customer demand plays a key role in setting standards, even in matters as mundane as, say, the motion required to close a liftgate. Complaints the gate suddenly felt “heavy” at a particular point in the closing process led researchers to watch more carefully how the customers actually operated that part.”(Edwards,2010) It helps when Honda already has car’s out in the real world. They are able to gather customer data to see what works, and what doesn’t work. Honda is not operating in a vacuum where they constantly manufacture vehicle’s and receive no feedback. If the customer doesn’t like something, the people in research and development will know it and they will do their very best to fix any issues and make a better product.

Honda has also incorporated a process that concerns situational motivation. Workers are awarded points based on the merit of their work. “These also result in points accumulating over your career, and these points can earn a Honda Civic (that was for 2,500 points, at the time of my visit) and an Accord (5,000 points), plus two weeks off with pay and airplane tickets to anywhere in the world with spending money.”(Miller,2014) These types of situational motivation technique’s will help an employee to look forward to something especially good for their hard work, and their work will improve as they earn good rewards that go beyond just simple compensation.

These types of process help Honda to maintain they status as a leader in automobile manufacturing and they will keep their good brand name as long as never remain stagnant and constantly seek to do better than they did the day before.


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This article goes over methods that two prominent car manufacturers find ways to maximize their approach at lean implementation.

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The Author goes on a visit to the  Honda manufacturing plant in Talladega county and goes in to see what makes Honda such a strong company. He goes in to observe the manufacturing processes as well as converse with engineers who constantly find ways to improve their product.

This website article goes over specific steps that Honda has undergone to ensure quality control of their product. Honda’s goal is to make sure to incorporate innovation in their design and also production departments.



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