When I joined this school two years ago my History Master was Mr.Ali Raza. He was a kind teacher who was particularly considerate towards the newcomers to his class. He regularly gave us homework, but instead of collecting the books he would simply ask us by show of hands whether we had done it. Those who did not put up their hands were scolded. When he put a question to the class, he always asked those who knew the answer to raise their hands. For the first few days I did my homework regularly and put up my hand when I knew the answer. Soon, however I learnt that Mr. Ali Raza work could be ignored. The best thing to do was not to let him know that the homework set by him had not been done, or to admit that the answer to any of his questions was not known.

Every time I was the first to put up a hand. This worked well for nearly five weeks. Then, one day the unexpected happened. Without asking us whether we had done our homework, Mr. Raza shouted as soon as he’ entered the classroom, Put your homework books on your tables! I thought that he did not intend to look through the books. So I kept sitting without taking out my exercise book. When he started checking the books of the boys next to his table, I hoped that he would stop after seeing one or two of them. Some boys sitting near me who had not done all the assignments carefully were full of fear, but I thought there were being foolish. Mr. Raza would not take the trouble of checking through the books of all of us. But they apparently knew him much better than I did. They whispered to each other about what was going to come some sighed, others were at the point of crying.

Mr. Raza method of inspecting exercise-books had no system about it. He did not check them row by row or column. He, however severely scolded those who had not done their home work conscientiously or had left some assignments undone. When there were only ten more books to be checked, I began to be worried. I had a blank exercise-book in my bag. I brought it out and wrote down History (Home work) on it. The bell marking the end of the History period was ringing when Mr. Raza finished checking the exercise-book of the boy sitting next to me. I had hoped and prayed for a few minutes that Mr. Raza would postpone the inspection of the homework until him next period, a few days later. The ringing of the bell convinced me that my prayers had been answered. But I had hoped against hope. Mr. Raza took up the blank book and began to turn its leaves. As he did so his face glowed with anger. That afternoon I did not go out to play. At night I stayed away from the hall where interesting television films were being watched. I sat up till 2.00 a.m. When I returned home the following day, my parents showed me the letter they had received from my school. They had found out why I have become so hard work since the day before. They scolded me and even put me to shame by telling all visitors to our house that I had been caught cheating. How I wish I had always told the truth to Mr. Raza! Honesty is the best policy.

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