Despite what many new Internet marketers think, you really can’t leave a home page to market itself, not if you want to make more than a modicum of money for your efforts. Marketing – online and off – must be an ongoing process.

A bit like traditional mail order and direct mail – the more advertisements (successful ones) you place, the more letters (responsive ones) you post, – the more money you will eventually make! It’s no different on the Internet. The more ads you place in e-zines, the more e-mail letters you post, the more free e-zines you send to customers, the more discussion forums and newsgroups you access, the more money you will make!

You should, in fact, MUST, work hard at promoting your site and individual offers by whatever means possible.

This means marketing online and also off the Internet. You can, for example, place short classifieds in traditional printed newspapers and magazines inviting people to visit your site for a free report on a subject that interests them and to help them form a calculated decision to buy other of your products and services, or to pass on this occasion. But remember to keep those e-mail addresses as the basis for later product promotions, and try also to grow your mailing list by any legal means possible.

The reality is just a little effort can bring enormous dividends. For example, imagine you have 100 email addresses of people who’ve bought, say, your product about making money on eBay. You could sell those 100 products in one month on eBay, then the following month market a much more expensive product about making money on eBay. Let say you make $2 a time from those 100 initial products at a cost of $1 each, that’s $50 you’ll make over the month. Not much! But that’s just the beginning of this easy money making exercise.

Let’s say the second product costs $100 and one in five of those one hundred people buy it. That’s 20 people paying $100 each, a total of $2,000. Now that really is worth spending a whole day creating a new $2 product to sell to another 100 buyers!

Don’t anyone suggest the figures are way out of kilter, I’ve been marketing on and off the Internet for more than twenty years, and I’ve tested back end marketing til I’m blue in the face, and I’ve found almost to the decimal point that one in every five buyers will become a regular buyer. For more proof of how and why a handful of buyers can generate a reliable and regular income for life, go to Google’s search engine and key in ‘Pareto + theory’ and read lots of tales about how the one in five rule affects so many areas of our lives, including making money!

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