English 101
Topic: How Gaming does not make people anti social
Hello I would like to write an essay about how gaming does not make people anti social. I have provided you with a general outline for the essay it has Opposing views, Refutes, and Claims.


Claim: Games does not make people anti-social

Claim- How people label gamers as anti social

Evidence (articles, interviews, labeling gamers as anti social) (Generalizing gamer’s tendencies to be anti social, correlation doesn’t imply/causation)

Claim – going to events Event/ tournaments/ conventions allows gamers to interact

Evidence :(They go interact and compete against other people, show articles and footage about tournaments and participation) (Showcase multiple events, and the size of it)

– Multiplayers provide another avenue for social interaction
Evidence:(Some games can only be played together such as party games which makes them interact with other people physically, or through the computer if it’s online) (cite different multiplayers games such Mario party,)

Opposing Views:When gamers go to event’s do they interact with others in a meaningful way. Do their events just reinforce their bond in their community?

Refute: Some of them find friends who they start to interact with outside gaming. They could change people’s perception of what gaming is. Some gaming consoles such as the Wii have a family friendly focus. Where it pushes people to play and interact together. Society is progressing and has a larger emphasis in regards to technology and communication.

Opposing view: Gamming focus more on their virtual life or gaming life which disconnects from society.

Refute: The cause is not gaming; it is the person who is indulging himself in these actives unhealthy manner. Like anything can be used as a platform to run away from one’s responsibilities. However, that not unique to gaming, you see similar life imbalances caused by work, drinking, pornography which are other vices. Many gamers half normal balanced lifestyle.

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