Homework help boosts the understanding of academic subject concepts. In my opinion the answer is ‘yes’. Before some years when student doesn’t uses the homework website to study something at that time they only knows the definition, uses, classification, advantage and disadvantage. In a collective manner they are having only theoretical knowledge from a single teacher. But from homework assignment websites they are getting a vast knowledge about specific topic. Internet is the only best thing across the world that man discovered and now-a day’s majorly people using the internet for grasping more information as well as collecting the data on any particular topic. But “every coin has two faces” in the similar way internet also having two faces one is good and another is bad. But it depends person to person how he uses. If person utilizes the internet in a positive way it enhances the knowledge. If person utilizes the internet in negative way it harms students as well as society also. Before some years when internet not invented the knowledge of students are limited even he is facing any problem regarding homework, assignment then he is having a option a teacher, parents and friends only. But now we are having a gift of god “Internet”.

That year, my father went overseas for 4 months in the fall, came home for 2 months, and then went back for another 2 months. That’s how we got around that in my family. My Master’s supervisor was away for most of my final year, and it was the best thing possible. I would e-mail her analyses and chapter drafts, and she would return them promptly with comments. I HAD to defend, or lose my only opportunity for months. Who knows how much longer I would have mucked around with my data if that hadn’t happened? I’m in a faculty position. We stayed in contact primarily via skype and email (daily emails, weekly skype calls). I have two advisors. One was on sabbatical my first year, which was mostly okay, as the first year is course-heavy. However, later on I missed having those first-year lab group discussions to help get me focused on dissertation research sooner. I also got a late start to summer field research that first summer; I needed more guidance than I had anticipated.

In addition, that advisor teaches an important (for me) course every-other year. Because of the sabbatical, I couldn’t take it until my 3rd year — though this would have been true whether the course teacher was my advisor or not. My other advisor does field work on another continent and is gone for all or part of a semester and summer every year. Skype account logged in. I can reach him just about any time, and he is always willing to talk. When he’s at the home institution, he works at home, so communication requires setting up a meeting a week in advance, sending reminders, etc. — a lot more hassle. I now find myself in a sort of grad student-sabbatical. My husband has a post-doc at another R1 university and we have a baby, so the whole family moved across the country. I mostly just have analysis and writing to do, so I should be able to finish up my PhD away. One advisor has helped me find a lab home at the new university, and interacting with my host lab has been very invigorating.

I’ve been keeping in regular touch with both advisors via email, phone, and Skype. In particular, I’ve still been able to attend my home lab meetings with a Skype connection. 9 months. It was a little challenging, since I was a new student, and would have liked more face time than I was able to get, but it did teach me to become indpendent very quickly. Since my PI is very hands-off in general, this was a useful skill to learn. One additional consideration is that while my PI was away, we didn’t have our typical weakly whole-lab group meetings. My advisor is on sabbatical this year and I can’t say it has been easy. When I started grad school there were 2 students in her lab, but they both graduated before the end of my first year. So I basically got a crash course from the second (the first defended in the fall, before I’d joined the lab), just a few weeks, and then I was on my own.

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