Writers’ Lab: How much time does it take to write a dissertation? As I’ve been keeping track of how I spend my time in ManicTime, I can now assess how much time writing my dissertation took me, and how much time rewriting and implementing comments took me. When I finished my first draft, I thought the biggest chunk of work was done. As you can see: writing the first draft is only 1/3 of all the work. As so many PhD students, I had to try rather hard to convince my busy supervisors to sit down, read the draft and provide me with their comments. As I had been working on my theory in silence, and not discussed it until I delivered the first draft, it took a number of meetings and significant rewriting of my chapter 5 to actually get my message across. In fact, this chunk of research was something I hadn’t shown in a presentation yet, nor written down in a paper, so it naturally took me more time t crystallize my message.

That was one hell of a busy time! The committee members get maximum 3 weeks for their feedback, I calculated a month, but the time it takes to pin a meeting with everybody added another 2 weeks. Working through the comments also added about 100 pages to the final document (also a number of extra Annexes). I found it very hard to stop proofreading, and to just let it go and accept that it can’t be perfect. The final preparations were mostly related to fishing for typos, and getting my layout ready for the printer. Don’t ask me about putting landscape tables on a portrait page – I spent three full days fretting away at that, and I still have a Table of Doom in my final dissertation. How much time did you spend on rewriting as compared to writing? Do my results correspond to yours, or was your first draft an immediate hit?

Do owners of real, intellectual, and personal property each have the same rights under the law? List how each type of property is treated under the law. Explain why it is in the best interest of society to treat these types of property the same or differently. Business Ethics. Read the article Governance in the Spotlight: What Sarbanes Oxley means to You. In this article the author outlines provisions companies are now required to implement. Consider the requirements imposed by Sarbanes Oxley on corporate boards of directors. Do small businesses and privately held companies have ethical duties? If so, to whom would they owe this duty? Should the law impose ethical requirements on small businesses or privately held companies or can the marketplace police unethical business behavior? Provide support to justify your position. Multimedia activity: Business Organization. DeAngelis, M. (2012, February 15). Business Entities. List the general requirements of an LLC, partnership and corporation.

Find an example of a business organization that is an LLC. Discuss why this company preferred to be formed as an LLC instead of a partnership or a corporation. Describe at least one advantage or disadvantage of the LLC form for the company. Intellectual Property and Technology. Internet domain names are linked to trademark issues. Technology makes it easy to copy and distribute music and movies without paying royalties. Business conducted on the internet raise security and privacy issues. What legal concerns are raised by these issues? Predict which of these issues will be of major concern in the future in regard to the law and business practices. The Global Marketplace. How do governments attempt to control foreign businesses operating within their borders? When U.S. companies do business in other countries, what issues do they face? Describe the responsibilities and ethical concerns that you feel are important for U.S. A detailed description of the topic. An analytical discussion of the legal issues that are involved. This would entail examining the issue from different viewpoints. A discussion of ethical considerations (Remember: What is legal may not be ethical). A discussion of the legal impact technology has on this issue. A well defined and logically stated argument to support your position. This would include any suggestion or ideas for improvement in this area of law. Four research sources, two of which must be from the Ashford Library.

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