You can find hundreds of thousands of people in your life who quit their job in order to become a professional blogger. For some this decision is one of the best decisions they have made in their entire life. But also there are those people for whom it is one of the worst decisions. Since becoming a professional blogger all you need is time and a lot of time. So, before starting one make sure to think about each and everything then decide accordingly. Also you can pay someone to do your essay on your behalf.
If you are serious about starting your life as a professional blogger then this is the right time. Start writing and start targeting your audience and one day you will see that hard work pay off.
Here in this article we shed light on some tips that help you become a professional blogger. So, what are you waiting to read them carefully and start writing from now:
Choose an interesting topic: Write a topic that interests you. Of course your audiences are not there to hear about your day to day life stories instead they like to read something on the topic on which you are passionate. Make an interesting topic that attracts more audience.
Determine what you want to write? Determine what interests you most, essays, opinions or reviews. Each writing style has a different audience. Before starting your own blog choose a category that you find interesting and stick to it.
Opinions, blogs are the blogs that attract political readers.
Through reviews potential buyers will decide whether the product is good for them or not.
Essays can be anecdotes or stories that are relatable to the readers.
Pick a website: As a novice blogger it is must for you to choose a website like Blogger or WordPress that help you start your career as a blogger. These sites contain different tools and options that help you write a perfect blog.
Purchase your domain name: You can have your own domain name for around $15 per year of hosting through Hover or GoDaddy. The domain name will give you a more professional look and your audience can easily access your posts just by typing the domain name. When finalizing the domain name makes sure to choose, it is something that is easy to access.
Write every day: Consider blogging as a full time job. Of course your audience won’t wait for your blog for months, so it is necessary to provide them with new and interesting content every day.
Use clear and concise post titles: If you want your blog read by maximum number of readers, then it is must to use clear and concise post titles, to help SEO search it easily. Using phrases and keywords that are commonly used increases the visibility for your blog post.
Include images/videos: People usually avoid reading large block. So the best idea here is to break up large blocks into small chunks by using images or videos related to your topic. This will make your content look attractive as well.
Avoid writing more than 2500 words: 2500 word count is the limit of a reader to read in one sit. Make sure each word you use makes a proper sense otherwise reader will stop reading and move to the other blog as it will starts bore them soon.
Promote your blog on social media: Now a day’s social media is one of the best marketing platforms for many bloggers. Promote your blog on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will help you build a large audience of readers. You can also use “#” with different keywords relate to your topic on these platforms. This is a best way to increase your readers and promote your business.
Earning money on blog needs patience: If you are seeking to start your career as a professional blogger then make sure to keep in mind that you won’t be able to earn money on blog overnight. It needs patience and continues writing and marketing. The more content you write, the more quickly you will be start making money.
Write guest posts: Besides writing for your own blog also write for other websites as a guest post. At the end of the post you can also post your blog, web link so that people can read more of your blogs.
Above are the top 11 tips that help you make a professional blogger as soon as possible. So, if you are considering making blogging as your profession, then starts it as a part time job as earning money from blogging needs time and energy.

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