How to Come Up With Top Quality Research Essay Writing


Research essay writing is an assignment that is usually given to students in high school or higher learning institutions. It is an assignment paper that deals with a topic or subject that was studied in class. Instructors use them as a test in order to know if the students understood a topic that was taught in class.

In order to come up with a research paper that is considered high quality, there are some aspects or requirements that must be adhered. The aim of the set instructions or rules is that readers are able understand the essay without difficulty.

Steps involved in writing standard research essay

Intensive research

Information is sourced from as many sources as possible. This is done in order to find out what other authors have to say about the same topic that the research paper is about. It is important to refer to sources so that one gets a better understanding of the topic. Some of the sources include;

  1. Textbooks from libraries
  2. Journals
  3. Periodicals
  4. Newsletters
  5. Newspapers
  6. Online libraries
  7. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google
  8. A.    Gathering notes

When all sources have been collected, all the information about the research topic is written down on paper. In addition, all the sources used, and author information is put down. This is done to prevent going back to the sources when citing in the actual research essay writing. When gathering notes, the writer should avoid dishonesty and write the information as it appears in the source.

  1. B.     Outlining the paper

After all the information required in noted down, an outline of the paper is made. Outlining means arranging the notes so as to come up with the headings and subheadings which will be used in the research essay writing. Outlining will help the writer to plan how the paper will appear and what to write.

  1. C.    Writing the first draft

The first draft is written when outlining of the paper is complete. This draft will have the format used in research essay writing. The writer is required to be creative in his or her writing while referring to the sources that were gathered. Proper citations while quoting other people’s work is paramount. Creativity prevents plagiarism. The draft will include;

I.            Introduction: This is a statement that introduces the topic at hand, and it also states the aims of the entire research essay writing. Some introductions mention the problems that are to be discussed and their solutions in brief. The introduction should not exceed two paragraphs.

II.            Main body: Further explains the statements that were made in the introduction. It contains subtopics which will describe in details the subject at hand.

III.            Conclusion: Is a summary of the aim of the essay or the subject discussed. Personal opinions can be made in the conclusion.

IV.            Summary: Some essays demand that there be a summary of the steps or procedure written in the research essay. This can either be at the beginning of the document or after the conclusion.

V.            Reference page: Is a list of all the citations that were used in the entire document. It contains all the required author’s or source information.

  1. D.    Editing the paper

Corrections of the mistakes appearing in the draft are made through editing. These may include grammar and phrasing mistakes, poor sentence arrangements, and citation mistakes.

  1. E.     Final copy

The final step involves writing down a final copy which has undergone all the steps above.


Quality research essay writing is achieved by following the steps mentioned above. The instructions or requirements stipulated by the assignment giver are also put into consideration. To avoid following instructions or requirements means a poorly written essay which may be cancelled or earn a poor grade.

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