Been doing the same old workout for months and not lost any weight? Or did you start losing a weight and then couldnt lose any more? Been doing the same old workout for months and not lost any weight? Or did you start losing a weight and then couldnt lose any more? If you do what you have always done you get what you have always got. If you have a goal or target weight that you want to get down to you need to PROGRESS towards it. You wont suddenly achieve the goal by doing one thing, to achieve you fitness goal you need to make small incremental steps to progress you to where you want to be. I see people in the gym everyday doing the same workout that they have been doing for the last two years and in those two years they havent lost a pound of weight.

Then you get those people at the gym that you may have seen yourself, the ones that the weight is just falling off, every time you see them they are slimmer and more toned. The difference between them and you is that they workout using a progressive model of training, sometimes consciously, sometime unconsciously. So what is progressive training I here you say? Progressive training is making each workout you have a little harder than the last one. Each time you are at the gym you are trying to improve or beat what you did last time. Take for example the treadmill. Nine times out of ten people are running on it for the same speed and the same amount of time they always do and getting nowhere. To apply a progressive model of training to the treadmill try the following (you will need a pen and paper), it is so simple anyone can do it.

Write down what you do each workout and then try and beat it on the next one, this must be used in combination with a healthy diet to get the greatest results. One of the keys to using a Progressive model of training is to make each progression tiny and achievable. Running at 0.1 faster isnt going to make me lose weight I here you say. The secret to the progressive model of training is this. When you metabolism increases the amount of calories you burn off going about your day to day activities increases too. You will lose the extra weight your carrying by increasing your metabolism and burning off more and more each time you workout. If you progress each time at the gym for a few months the difference will be staggering and just think of the possibilities if you applied the progressive model over a few years! You be able to get your metabolism to what it was when you were in your twenties if you keep progressing and given enough time. Dont try and jump ahead with increasing what you are doing with your workouts. For example running at 5mph straight to 6mph, it is too bigger jump for you body and lifestyle to adapt to. Your next workout will suffer because you will be tired. Small tiny increments make it easy for your body and metabolism to adapt to, they will build up over time, so be patient! For those of you who arent able to run, and can only walk on the treadmill, try increasing the elevation by 0.5 or 1.0 each workout, this will have the same effect.

They have created a society for which cultural inertia pushes us into dysfunctional familial relationships mediated by an Interloping State authority. They’ve created a society for which we ignore these manifestations of population control by focusing on a mass media constructed fantasy to keep us all distracted and mind-numbingly complacent and ignorant. In other words, they treat us like the sheeple that we are. Technology, Technique and emerging technological gadgets and Media have changed and altered our reality and understanding of our world today. She shared her insights on understanding ones target audience attitudes and behaviors towards social technologies(techniques )? These are great calls for marketers to learn more about getting their arms around social media, listening to the voice of the customer and engagement with consumers in social media. There are more than 1.5 billion comments per day, the collective voice of the consumer to influence brands and buying strategy has never been stronger and will continue to be strong.

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