0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It is awesome. Must try the baking soda one. I tried and I was successful in first time. I want to know : how to make an ink which when used to write is seen only when the paper with the message written appears when wetted with water? Helen – Each type has a different explanation, but basically it is a reaction with the ink to the substance used to “read” the message. Read the end of each description and it is explained a bit. This is cool and fun.. I had tried doing the “Invisible Ink with Lemon Juice”. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your kids have fun with this! I love these creative little DIY fun things. I’m also going to link this to Pinterest.

This is so much fun. We will try all of these on our next rainy day. Hope you enjoy making secret messages. 17 and rabia – The banana message is really easy and is pretty neat to see. ExpectGreatThings – The baking soda message is a method most people don’t know about and best of all, you don’t need heat. 48 – Hope you have fun with your grandson! I have never done this, ever. Nor have I ever seen the options that are possible to make invisible ink. What fun this will be. When my baby grandson is a bit over, I have a new project to teach him. I am pinning this and sharing. This was a fun read! I love your hub. I would share this to my friends. I will try to do the banana . It would be exciting. Glad you are finding it helpful. Hope your project worked out well!

Elise-Loyacano – The banana one is fun. As RTalloni said, “What fun, what fun!” I think my favorite is the banana trick, but then I like to eat, so no surprise there. Ross Anziano – Maybe you should try it with your kids that way you don’t have to wait so long for a response back from those gangs. If I ever go to prison, I will use these methods to send threats to the leaders of enemy gangs. Or I guess I could just do it with my kids like everyone else. Thanks everyone for the messages! They are appreciated. Enjoy sharing secrets with invisible ink! My son will love these! What a cool fun awesome hub! I need to share it with my kids. What fun, what fun! I can’t wait to do some of these with the children in my life! Oh my goodness, this hub is amazing. So fun and so full of fantastic information. Excellent work, can’t wait to get busy leaving secret messages! Cocopreme, another great hub full fun. I will give the secret message written on a banana a try! Thanks for the fun read. Another great science hub for kids! I love all the ideas you share on this site – they’re fun, and they’re terrific learning tools. I may try these, too – they’re so clever!

3.4: List and discuss the pros and cons of each step/action you identified. 4.1: Choose three ethical and moral philosophies from Chapter 6 that could have helped the company to avoid its unethical behaviors, or could help the company in going forward. Define each (with citation) and discuss how each of these three systems would impact each of your Issues from your Section 1. Be specific. Go back and read the feedback for Section 1–in case editing your issues can help you to earn a higher score. 4.2: Choose one of the three ethical philosophies from 4.1 that could have prevented the issues, and/or would help the company in moving forward. Provide full explanation why this was chosen and is best (para.1). Provide full explanation on why the other two philosophies were not chosen (para.2). Discuss your Stakeholders, from your Section 1, in relationship with the chosen philosophy (para.3). I will grade your journal using the case analysis rubric and provide feedback and comments to help you improve your final paper.

Note that for the journal, each section is worth 30pts, but for the paper, Section 4 is worth quite a lot of points (see the Rubric), and is worth spending more effort either here or when compiling the paper. Let me know if you have questions! How can differences in two countries’ cultures create ethical issues in business? Explain your answer, and support it with information from at least two sources. 10/11 University announcement: Please note the earlier time for on-time submission, due to an announcement today of a Blackboard outage from 10pm Saturday until 8 am Sunday. For on-time submission, these will need to be completed by 10pm on Saturday; and yes, they can be submitted under my late-work policy, so don’t worry if you miss the 10pm deadline. 5.3: Improvements, Timeline and Monitoring – Discuss the improvements that a company would expect to see from the selected steps/actions in 5.1 and 5.2, identify a timeline for implementation, and explain how you would monitor their effectiveness. Your instructor will grade your journal using the appropriate section of the case analysis rubric and provide feedback and comments to help you improve your final paper. Be sure to think carefully about the feedback you are given and how you will adjust your final paper. Note that the lengths are minimums and can be exceeded.

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