The great tennis players know that they win their matches in practice.

This is why they make every moment count in their workouts sessions, and you   should  go watch a tennis pro player practice, because  I  promise you if you do, that you will learn a lot from doing it. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can start maximizing your time on court in practice. I would also implement these tips as soon as I can. So here they are.

Step 1

Have a plan  written  down.

Before every practice, write in your journal what you want to get done and make sure that you get it done, before you leave practice. This is very important for all competitive players, because tennis is a feel game and you need to be feeling like you are getting mentally stronger everyday. “And if you work and stick to your practice plan daily, you will develop self-discipline and this will carry over into your match play.”

Step 2

Never waste time.

Junior players tend to waste time on court in practice and this prevent them from progressing with their mental game. Notice I said mental game, after you reach a certain level and start competing in tournaments, you will then be playing the mental game from that point in your career. And your results, will be determine by how well you learn how to play it. Make every rep count in practice, by adjusting and focusing on your feel for the shot or playing pattern you are working on. During your warm up, get your small talk in and when you start practice, concentrate on what you are doing at all times. This is also how you can improve your concentration ability to do it in matches.

Step 3

Go with the flow

This is the last and most important thing that you will have to do in practice to maximize your time.

Never force thing on court, just allow things to happen.

Try to first visualize it happening for you in your mind before doing it and then flow with what does happen on court. “You can’t allow anything to disrupt your timing, feeling or flow in practice and the minute something does disturb you, stop right there, take a break and breathe that stress away.” Look at practice, as a way for you to prefect your mental game and then get rid of all the mental stress, that is effecting you. As you can see. Those are 3 good practice tips, that are going to have you maximizing every second on court. The goal is to approach every practice like an artist would. The artist first gets the image or the picture in their minds that they want to paint and then they create that picture through their brush.

So, guys, become an artist and also steal from other great tennis artist!

Okay, that’s it for today.

Have a great practice too!

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