How  to Speak in Public…it’s an age-old question that needs to be addressed-

Proven techniques to gain confidence speaking in public can be learned with practice, time, patience, and commitment.

Here are the Top-7 Answers to Your Most Important Public Speaking Questions

Q1:  How  do I engage and or entertain an audience?

A: Your energy and your enthusiasm is contagious. Remain upbeat and positive. Practice delivering your presentation as if you were having a one-on-one conversation with your best friend. Persuasively communicate your own excitement about the subject.

Q2:  How  do I deliver a speech with confidence?

A: No matter what type of speech you are about to deliver, preparation is paramount to your success. Rehearse your speech in a mirror, looking up as often as possible from your notes. Stand up straight with positive body posture and smile.

Q3: What’s the best way to think of an audience as a single person that you’re having a private conversation with so that you are less fearful?

A: When practicing your speech, think of  how  you will focus your eyes on one member of the audience at a time in order to feel the human connection. The more you connect with people in the audience, the less you will focus on your fear.

Q4: Should I start my speech cold or have someone else introduce me?

A: By all means make sure you are introduced properly to your viewers. It’s important for the audience to know why you’re speaking and your area of expertise. Do not leave this important element up to your host.  Write  out your  introduction  and make sure it segues nicely to your speech.

Q5:  How  do you avoid the feeling that you’re being burned at the stake when delivering a speech?

A: Calm yourself with slow, deep breathing before and during your talk. Not only does shallow breathing deprive your body of oxygen, it actually increases anxiety and results in strained speech.

Q6: How do you go beyond the feeling that no one is paying attention to your speech?

A: Become extremely familiar with your subject matter, and remain focused and passionate during your speech. Your enthusiasm is contagious: the more you care, the stronger the impact of your message.

Q7: How do you not pass out right before delivering a speech?

A: Breathe deeply from your belly or diaphragm. Breathe in through your nose and then out from your mouth, filling your lungs and then gradually exhaling.

Many people wonder how to speak in public with confidence and we believe you can!

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