\her work in a well-prepared lab report. Lab report writing is quite a common task at all levels of education: from high school, to college and university. The only difference is the quality of content and the quantity of special requirements concerning the report. It is obvious that lab reports for Undergraduate, MA and PhD students should be perfectly-organized and logically-structured. To begin with, brainstorm a good title for lab report to make it catchy and different from the rest in the pile which your teacher will have to check. A successful title should be as short as possible and attract a reader’s attention at once. The next step is writing an abstract of the lab report paper. You should remember that an abstract is a brief summary of your report, its problems, questions and main tasks. Be ready to prepare a short paragraph about your actions and activities making research and include the most important points which will illustrate general content of the report. Try to make this section interesting for reading and logical to demonstrate your awareness of the problem and abilities to solve it.

Create an outline to make your report well-structured and to show your total control over the situation, that you know how to conduct the given research. Now write an introduction of the lab report. A good introductory part should explain the purpose of research or experiment, what you wanted to prove, learn or investigate. Present the questions, hypothesis and give possible answers and share with your predictions. Then follows a very important section: the methods used to make research. Make sure, you understand the difference between various methods and know the proper time and place of their usage. Having presented the introductory chapters, write about the results of your experiment. It is one of the most important parts, because it measures the value of your research. Demonstrate what your have learnt while conducting the research, what you have discovered new and unpredictable concerning the given problem or topic and what difficulties you have faced carrying the experiment.

As you see, laboratory classes are aimed to teach students work and use their knowledge practically and lab reports are supposed to help them organize their thoughts and results in good order. It order to present your results logically, it is reasonable to rely on various tables, graphs, statistics which support your data. Writing a discussion section of lab report remember that your task is to compare your ideas before the experiment and after it. Analyze and write if your have achieved predicted results or how they differ from those you have expected to achieve. Support your words with reliable evidence: results of the research and statistics. Write a conclusion for your laboratory report stating what you have learnt conducting the experiment and measure its value for yourself and human knowledge in general. \her abilities, knowledge and character. Finally, place a reference chapter into the lab report. Remember to cite the sources according to the required format (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago).

The phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” comes to mind. But they think because they’re residents of the state that makes a difference, or because they took undergrad classes there (not, mind you, finished a degree there) they have an edge. I can’t get it through their heads that state universities can be as competitive and selective at the graduate level as an Ivy League and none of that stuff matters. Indeed, some of them would prefer students from elsewhere than from their own state because it adds to their prestige. I think I may just ban students from applying there. OK, I can’t do that. But I might tell them the above. And then there’s the MA exam. I hate it. I hate dealing with it; I hate its format; I hate its reading list. But mostly I hate dealing with the students who complain the loudest about it, because they are always the ones who don’t get what it’s for and don’t prepare well and don’t do well.

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