How would you define romantic love?

September 18, 2018

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September 18, 2018

  1. (40 points) Bernstein’s youtube lecture on Folk Music in the symphonic Hall with specific episodes provided. Link will be provided by instructor. Include specific talking points about the use of folk music by composers in the lecture and how he prepares the listener prior to the orchestral performance of the pieces.) What is Folk Music ( Bernstein lecture)

Folk Music in the concert Hall begin at counter number 4:12 (Bernstein lecture)

Folk music in the concert Hall

  1. 2. (15 points) Aaron Copland wove American cowboy tunes into his orchestral ballet, “Billy the Kid”. This video gives a quick comparison of the original folk or cowboy songs, then immediately jumps to the orchestra and how Copland incorporates the folk tunes.

How well were you able to identify the original folk songs when used in the orchestral version?

  1. ( 6 points) This second video link also covers, in a non-academic level,  Copland’s Billy the Kid

This video describes it more as a story or movie. As a learning tool, which video of Billy the Kid helped you hear the specific folk/cowboy tunes orchestrally and why?

  1. (12 points) Malambo by Ginastera: A: What music elements might you consider, Latin American? B: What instrumental section makes it more “Latin American”? C: Malambo is a traditional Argentine dance for men only. The melody of this piece, especially the sesquialtera, was borrowed by Ginastera and incorporated into his symphonic work. Use counter numbers to illustrate. D: This is “classical” music. Does that surprise you? Why or why not. Ginastera’s   Malambo
  2. (12 points) Simoncic, Mother Lode Suite,  a set of three, short, orchestral works written in 1957. I was 12 years of age at the time that I composed them. This recording consists of three pieces. Please ignore the first one and begin at counter number 3:12. This piece is in ABA form. The A begins at 3:12, the B begins at 3:56 then the A returns at 4:44. Listen carefully for sections the B inserted, much slower, at 4:52 and again at 5:02.   The next and last piece begins at 5:42 with a strong hint of “Old Mac Donald”. See the breakdown analysis as provided in “History of the Mother Lode”, Simoncic provided in Course Resources.

6. (15 points) write at least one paragraph about each of the following composers: Copland, Ginestara and Simoncic.

Writing Standards

Sentence and paragraph structure (10)

Grammar and punctuation (10)

Format/Mechanical Matters (10 points)

Sources (10 total)