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If you think that a greeting card is a bit too much, just wish your teacher Happy Birthday with a wide smile when he or she walks into the class. Students may not understand this but the value of even the simplest Teacher’s Day card is priceless to a teacher. Go ahead and write a sweet message to thank your teacher on Teacher’s Day. As surprising as it may sound to a student, many teachers save cards and greetings they get from their students on Teacher’s Day. These cards become precious memories and teachers often read them again and again to feel good about their jobs. One of the easiest ways to instantly get in your teacher’s good books is to do your homework regularly. Don’t get caught out with incomplete homework and assignments. Teachers are easily impressed when they spot students putting in extra effort to make sure that they never turn up to class without their homework finished.

Appearance plays a big role when it comes to impressing your teacher. The clothes that you wear will speak a lot about your overall personality as a student. If your school has a uniform, be sure to wear a washed and ironed pair. A nice and crisp uniform will give your teacher a sign that you come from a home where neat appearances are highly valued. Teachers generally don’t approve of excessive use of makeup among teenage girls. Using makeup and impressing your teacher are two things that will definitely clash. If you must use a little bit of makeup to avoid standing out from the other girls in school, make sure that you keep it to a minimum. A dab of lip gloss or eye liner will really be all you need to make sure that you aren’t the odd one out in your class. Your teacher will be highly impressed at watching you help your classmates with their work. Next time when you see one of your friends struggling with something in a group project, offer your help and bail him or her out.

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