Identify the Topic

This week we will think about and identify a potential problem or opportunity for the Portfolio Project that you will develop in this course. The problem that you choose should be related to an issue that you know of in your work, in another organization, in your community, or in your profession. By conducting practical research that we can apply to a real-world problem, consider the contribution we can make to problem resolution and heightened learning. The problem or opportunity that you identify will become part of Section I of your Portfolio Project. Take another look at the Module 8 assignment to reinforce the expectations and requirements of the Portfolio Project.

To guide you through understanding and articulating the problem, please see the MGT575 Section I Worksheet—Business Opportunity  or MGT575 Section I Worksheet—Organizational Problem. These worksheets take you through a process to think about a topic, the problem or opportunity, and the decision makers or stakeholders that may benefit from addressing this problem or opportunity.

In your post, describe why you chose the problem or opportunity and why it is worthy of study. Please support your thoughts with information from the course and from external sources. Citations for references/sources should be in APA format. Then, after completing #1 and #4 of the Capstone Section I Worksheet – either business opportunity or organizational – attach it to your original post.

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