•Identify the use of major and minor reviews during a project’s life cycle, and determine which project factors

(e.g., size, complexity, budget, schedule, human resources) would aid in the determination of the use of the reviews. Support your position(s). •Select which types of stakeholders should attend major reviews and which types of stakeholders should attend minor reviews. Justify your selection. Discuss how the stakeholder groups affect the review types.

LEG 500 week 8 DQ2 “Tort Law” Please respond to the following:

•From the second e-Activity, analyze the key ways in which the Third Restatement of Torts treats defective design, and assess how the change from the Second Restatement will affect product liability cases in jurisdictions that adopt the third version.

Then, give your opinion about whether the second or third approach is better. Provide specific examples to support your response. •Evaluate whether you believe placing limits on punitive damages is appropriate. Explain your rationale.

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