Love is an amazing feeling. When you are in love only then you can understand how it feels. Sometimes you don’t even notice when it happens. If you are a boy and you love a girl in your friend circle, then you will realize it when her parents ask you to look for a perfect guy to marry her. If you are a girl and love a boy in your friend circle, you might realize it when he asks you to help him propose another girl. Everyone feels infatuation for their seniors, colleagues, neighbours, friends and celebrities, but that feeling is not true love. True love lasts forever and happens very silently, blossoms in your heart when you are least aware.

First understand that what you are feeling is really true love and not attraction or infatuation. Understand that you are lucky to have fallen in love, it’s a beautiful feeling. Once you are sure of your feelings then don’t hesitate to propose. It is wisely said that “we only regret the chances that we don’t take in life”. Take a chance; you never know you might be reciprocated with the same feelings. Once you are sure of your feelings go ahead and propose earnestly. Propose your love in a beautiful way.

Once you realize that you are in love, then your heart aches to tell the love of your life how you feel. You worry a lot about how to convey your message of love, how will the other person react on learning about your feelings and what does the other person feel for you. Anxiety and fear creep in. Should you risk losing the existing relationship by proposing or hide your feelings, this will be the question in your mind. All sorts of relationship equations will flash in your mind. When you are in love and not sure about the feelings of other person for you, be calm and spend some time alone.

Proposing someone is not easy so be ready to accept the answer. When you propose someone to become your love partner, you may get a Yes or a No or Maybe as an answer. Do not think much about the response that you will get, stay focused on what you want to convey. Propose with loving words and a bunch of beautiful flowers. Flowers are magical; they charm both men and women.

If you get “Yes” as an answer to your proposal, you will be on cloud nine. Enjoy the new relationship, the new bonding. Definitely this new relationship is different from the one that you were already in, with the same person. Be happy and have great time with your partner.

But if it’s “No” or “May Be” then you have to act with maturity. Listen what the other person has to say and understand his/her feelings. Be patient and calm, you will feel bad and dejected, but don’t give up. Give the other person some more time to think. Sometimes the feelings are not there yet, but you have sown a seed of love, it might grow sooner or later. Even after some time if you don’t see the love blossoming then also don’t be disheartened. You should move on in your life. Though it’s hard to let go off someone you love but surely you will be fine.

You will fall in love again. The world is full of lovely people made for each other. You will definitely find someone again who is exclusively for you, and then go ahead and propose!

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