Your next writing assignment: If your work requires you to use a large amount of creativity, how do you save some for your own personal projects when you get home? For example, I write a lot for work. And when I get home in the evenings, I find it easy to take pictures (because it’s not words) of sunsets or water (or anything outside since I’ve been sitting in an office all day most days). I find it more difficult to make myself spending even more time SITTING AT A DESK and WRITING (or taking my laptop outside and writing even). I have a podcast I do in my free time which requires writing but I’m mostly gathering the writing of others and talking about it, not writing for myself. But if I stopped doing the podcast, WOULD I use that time to work on my own writing projects? I understand you are not being paid by the hour to help me with this. I just find that more and more of my peers that have to be creative for work are struggling with the same issues!

Select a company you are familiar with. Prepare a 1- to 2-page detailed outline. • What forecasting techniques does this company use? • How does your selected organization prepare budgets? • What MRP concepts do you see with regard to your organization? • Identify your product’s supply chain and determine how you will measure the performance of the supply chain. • Explain why capacity management is strategically important to an organization and how you will apply capacity management to your product. • Summarize the requirements for implementing just-in-time and explain how and why you will or will not use it for your product. • Analyze the role of e-business in a global supply chain and how this will affect your product. What are the most important concepts or processes you have learned in this course? Please provide any additional relevant personal notes and observations about this class that you would like to share.

• Differentiate at least two or three key elements for each of the four primary forecasting techniques and how they apply to your chosen organization. • Analyze the impact of production plans, master production schedules, rough-cut capacity planning, workforce size, and carrying inventory as they relate to budgets for your chosen organization. • Depending on whether the organization you selected is a manufacturing or service organization, compare and contrast how material requirements planning usage would be different for this organization and one of the opposite types of organizations. • Compare and contrast the use of material requirements planning system concepts for your chosen organization. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use the same product you chose for the Product Selection Paper and Presentation in Week Three. • Describe your products manufacturing process and scheduling approach. • Analyze the relationships of equipment availability, personnel, and bottlenecks, and how these factors apply to your product. • Compare and contrast synchronous manufacturing, material requirements planning, and just-in-time. Then, choose one and explain how and why you will use it for your product. Present an executive summary of your findings in a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

This is the kind of “numeric illustration” that you should provide for each of the five topic sections. NOTE: As a friendly public service announcement, I advise you to always remember this basic formula! By using a small amount of algebra, you can solve for any of the variables in the formula, and therefore answer most questions having to do with the Time Value of Money. Application Report 1: Prepare a 2-3 page report, double spaced using proper APA writing style, that compares the finances of Ford Motor Company (stock symbol: F) to the finances of General Motors (stock symbol: GM). Why has Ford been so successful, and why has GM been lagging ? Based on your comparative analysis, which senior management team is more effective and efficient in running the respective corporations over the last three years? Your report should include topics we have discussed in the course, such as financial statements, financial ratios, and time value of money concepts. You can find this information in the following sources: “Wall Street Journal,” “New York Times,” Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and company web sites. The company web site will often provide you with the latest fiscal reports in the “investor relations” section. Structure your composition to include a summary of the recent earnings report. Cite financial numbers, such as those that appear on the earnings statements, balance sheets, and statement of cash flow. • One or two Market Value ratios. Describe the significance of these numbers- what do they indicate ? Explain how your report relates to our course and to practicing managers; it should provide a benchmarking and trend analysis of the firms over a three year period.

Get help University of Phoenix PRG 211 Week 1 Homework Help. Identify a common task that might occur a regular basis. The task should be one that would occur in a business setting (as opposed to one in someone’s personal life). Write out the steps involved with performing that task in a way that you could hand them to someone else who could carry them out for you. This should involve 10 to 20 steps overall. Your final steps should be in a Microsoft® Word document in an easy-to-read format. Getting Started with Software Programming. Why do we say that computer languages have evolved? What is the Software Development Life Cycle? What are two features of a good program? What is a programming methodology? How is structured programming different from object oriented programming? Create and post a screenshot of the Current Course Score and Completion Status for this module. Follow the instructions noted the syllabus (“Non Graded Activities and Preparation – Visual Logic Installation”) and receive your VLSig file. Read chapter 1 in the Working with Visual Logic eBook.

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