The illegal immigration debate is split between two different arguments that both use the rule of law as their center. People opposed to extending legal/political rights for illegal immigrants argue that they have admittedly broken the law and have therefore given away or forfeited their opportunity to become legal residents/citizens. On the other hand, people who favor more legal/political rights for illegal immigrants argue that they are a vital part of our families/communities whether we want to admit it or not (they often make reference to the many industries that rely on their labor as well as the taxes they pay and businesses that illegal immigrants support) and should therefore be given legal amnesty and/or more political/economic rights.

For your research essay I want you to answer the following questions about the illegal immigration debate as it relates to the state of California and the rule of law.

1) Why is it important that the rule of law remain the foundation of our government and social structure? Are there exceptions to following the rule of law?

2) How has California law, past and present, responded to the large number of illegal immigrants in the state? Does our state encourage illegal immigrants through law or does it try to discourage them? Look into California’s Prop 187 and California’s Dream Act.

3) Do you think we should extend more political/economic rights to illegal immigrants? Why or why not?

Please Try To Stay Away From the Following Words and Phrases Because They  Hurt Your Writing:        In my opinion, I believe, In my opinion I believe, I think, I feel, To be honest, The United States of America (the U.S. is enough), In reality, Think about it, It is true, that is brought up is, around the world, in today’s world, due to the fact, for the fact, that goes into, the reason why is because, simply,  just, elders, downfall/s, nowadays, actually, probably, really,…

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