Imagine that the company you work for is expanding and restructuring. As a valued and veteran employee, you are presented with the unique opportunity of determining the type of leadership position that best suits you.

Essentially, you are able to define the role in which you can most benefit the company and be the most successful. To determine your position, you must identify the strengths and weaknesses of your personal leadership style by applying what you learned about yourself through the self assessments.

Here is my management Style

he goal that motivates The Producer (or Ds) is accomplishing bigger and better goals according to an internal timetable. You prefer to be involved in your chosen activities from start to finish,

and you resist people who are obstacles to your achievements. Your ability to produce makes you highly valued in situations in which an efficient, dependable, or incrementally improving rate of production is desired


* Prefer time frames
* Seek personal control
* Get to the point
* Strive to feel important and be noteworthy in their job
* Demonstrate persistence and single-mindedness to reach a goal
* Express high ego strength

* Prefer to downplay feelings and relationships
* Focus on task actions that lead to achieving tangible outcomes
* Implement changes in the workplace
* Tend to freely delegate duties, enabling them to take on more projects


* Like to call the shots and tell others what to do
* Like challenging workloads which fuel their energy levels
* Tend to personally oversee, or at least know about, their employees’ or co-workers’ business activities
* Like to say what is on their mind without being concerned about hurting anybody’s feelings

* Enjoy taking risks and being involved in changes
* Prefer to interpret the rules and answer only to themselves
* Interested in the answers to what questions, not how ones
* Like to see a logical road toward increasing and ongoing advancement, since bigger is better


* Take time to negotiate and clarify time frames with associates in order to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment
* Recognize and acknowledge the feelings of others… remember that many people are unable to check their feelings and personal problems at the door when they enter the workplace
* Accept the fact that you will not prevail on every issue that comes up… choose your battles wisely and, when appropriate, concede graciously
* Acknowledge that your success is often dependent upon the work of others… be sure to acknowledge their contributions and thank them frequently
* Be more accepting of the ideas and behavior of others, recognizing that your way may not be the only way

Dominance styles are fast-paced and goal-focused. They are also guarded and direct. They exhibit firmness in their relationships with others, are oriented toward productivity and goals, and are concerned with bottom line results.

Dominance styles accept challenges, take authority, and go head first into solving problems. They tend to exhibit great administrative and operational skills and work quickly and impressively by themselves. They tend to come on cool, independent and competitive with others, especially in a business environment. Dominance styles try to shape their environment to overcome obstacles en route to their accomplishments. They demand maximum freedom to manage themselves and others, and use their leadership skills to become a winner.

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