Prescription drug abuse has spread over our communities at an alarming rate. The city of Kelsey has not been spared. Recently, a Kelsey High School senior, Joe, has been supplying illegal prescription medications to members of the student body. He is supplied by a mid-level drug dealer in the neighboring community.

* Joe lost a large quantity of prescription drugs and the drug supplier now threatens that he is coming to Kelsey High School with friends to settle the matter. Joe?s clique consists of students at the school and other people who live in the school?s surrounding neighborhood. Some of these people are juveniles and others are over 18. You are informed by a student who heard this information from a friend at the school. You must prepare for security interviews on the incident.

* Complete the Incident at Kelsey Worksheet, located on your student website.

* Include references

? Summarize your preparation for the interview in 350 to 700 words, including brief answers to the following questions:

o What techniques should be used for successful interviewing and questioning?

o How important is setting to the interview?

o Why is preparation important and how does it affect the outcome of interviews?

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