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Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP Practice Test1) An 8 bit video card can display how many colors?A) 8B) 16C) 6D) 56E) 51) POS terminals are found everywhere BUT the following?A) Grocery storeB) Gift shopC) Clothing storeD) Office buildingE) Auto parts store3) What allows information to be more closely packed on blue ray discs than DVDs?A) The information on DVDs is encoded in a more complex manner than on blu ray discs.B) Blu ray discs are read with a blue laser, whereas DVDs are read with a red laser.C) DVDs are created out of a different material than blu ray discs.D) Blu ray discs are read with a red laser, whereas DVDs are read with a blue laser.E) The information isn’t more closely packed. Blu ray discs are just twice as big as DVDs.) Which of the following is a computer language used in designing web pages?A) HTMLB) GUIC) LAND) TCP/IPE) OLTP5) A person sits down at a computer and moves their mouse to click on an icon. The reason they are able to do this is because ofA) VPNB) DSSC) HTMLD) WANE) GUI6) A student needs to email her thesis paper to her teacher and she knows the file is 1, bits. However, she knows that her email carrier will only allow her to at­tach a certain number of bytes to an email. How many bytes is her paper?A) 1B) 15C) 1D) 15E) 37) After its creation, ASCII later developed intoA) CIOB) UnicodeC) HTMLD) CSSE) None of the above8) _____________ provides access to a remote computer for retrieval of files.A) FTPB) EDIC) URLD) TCPE) TCP/IP) When you copy something to the clipboard, it will remain there untilA) It is pasted.B) It is sorted.C) It is replaced.D) It is collated.E) It is bolded.1) Which of the following correctly orders the steps which the CPU follows in executing a command?A) Fetch, Execute, Decode, WritebackB) Fetch, Decode, Execute, WritebackC) Fetch, Writeback, Execute, DecodeD) Decode, Writeback, Execute, FetchE) None of the aboveCLEP Practice Test Answer Key:D:) 56.D:) Office building.B:) Blu ray discs are read with a blue laser, whereas DVDs are read with a red laser.A:) HTML. This stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.E:) GUI. Graphical User Interfaces allow a person to interact with their computer. Before there were GUIs, computers could only be operated through the use of a command line.D:) 15. There are eight bits in one byte. 1, bits/8 = 15 bytes.B:) Unicode.A:) FTP.C:) It is replaced.B:) Fetch, Decode, Execute, Writeback.The post Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP Practice Test appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.
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