Information Technology Discussion
Search the literature for an article discussing a health or information technology that was either recently placed into use, or is being prepared for use, in practice settings. In this instance you may use trade journals, although there are multiple healthcare technology and informatics journals. There also are several journals that are specifically published to discuss ethics in health and information technology.
Submit a post to the discussion board of not more than 600 words, that addresses the following points (please use headings to clarify the sections/points): Describe the technology; Explain possible ethical concerns related to the technology including the ethical principles involved; and defend the use of the technology given the possible ethical concerns. Be sure to include information from your readings and the videos to support your position(s). Include in-class readings and outside references for your discussion board post.
You will examine the ethical considerations of technology, including information technology, in healthcare. Technological advancement is constant and rapid. The use of technology, including information technology, in healthcare has dramatically improved the lives of countless people while concurrently creating new and sometimes dramatic worldview and ethical implications. Advanced Professional Nurses are called upon to make ethical decisions in increasingly complex situations, many of which are previously unexplored due to the introduction of new technology. This week you will apply ethical principles to the use of health and information technology.

  • Please do paper in APA 6th edition, font-times new roman 12 p
  • I would like to see 500-550 words
  • Use at least 3 references – no “.com” references
  • Please communicate through out if you have any questions


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