Answer the following: for each A,B,C Initial response must be a minimum of 200 words or more. You must cite referenced answers with reading citations, with page numbers, parenthetical style (Author, Date: page#), and the source listed APA style at the end of the post.

A)1. Have you or somebody you know had an accident that resulted in an injury?

2. Share your experience with the class.

3. What could have been done to prevent the injury?


B)1. Access:

2. What did you learn from this page related to the burden of injuries?

3. What is the importance of the data provided in this page related to injury prevention?

C) 1. Access:

2. Choose one of the blog topics.

2. Choose one of the blog topics.

3. If you were to respond or post a comment on one of the blog, what would you respond?

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