Internet has changed political interactions globally

The internet influences several sectors today beginning with social, economic and even political aspects. Political activities specifically campaigns and elections have recently started to depend heavily on the internet. It is also expected that soon voting may be done over the internet, thus changing the political world completely. The American politics for instance strongly depend on the internet since politicians have to access and maintain many other departments in social and economic world which currently relate to the internet. It is not in doubt that the internet has changed politics but it is worth noting that the change has both positive and negative effects.
Today internet is only about 10 years old but it is responsible for the revolution of personal communication habits. Communication is essential in the political world since it is used in maintaining law and order and in carrying out campaigns. Therefore since communication has revolutionized as a whole as a result of the internet-euphoria we find that the political world is equally affected. The negative effect of internet on political communication is noted when analyzing equality, in that, not all persons are familiar with using the internet or have access to it. Many political related rights such as elections to internet currently relate to internet communications some citizens may feel their rights are denied.
Many political parties, senators and other significant people in the political sector actually run a website or at least own an email account. Public pressure and struggle to remain in touch with current issues has made it necessary for them to use the internet. It is actually possible for a citizen to learn policies of a presidential candidate online during elections and make an informative decision on who to vote for. With this in mind politicians find it compulsory to embrace the internet world. Open communication with politicians is also becoming quite common, whereby it is possible to send an email to all the members in the House of Representatives. Though this is the case in most developed countries, the level of internet politics is not equally spread out in the second and third countries.
The revolution of politics with the help of internet is that politics is not changing instead internet is simply assisting in reaching the same old political strategies to the high number of internet users. It is also essential to note that internet based politics assists in improving election participation but cannot be used in determining voter decisions. Therefore, there is a difference between internet impact on politics and elections.
General correlation exists between maturity of the internet and impact of political processes. Internet is proved to have encouraged change in many political related decisions thus bringing the rise of E-government. E-government is used to deliver information and services between government to public service and citizens, government to customers, government to businesses and government to intra- government. Therefore, internet has brought change in political world by improving efficiency and effectiveness of different functions of the government.


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