The answer is yes. You can make money taking online surveys today thanks to the ever growing internet. You can be a teen or an adult, it does not matter. Many think that all the survey sites on the internet are scams. You cannot blame them for thinking like that because about 85% of them are in fact scams. That also means 8 people on 10 will end up being scammed.

That is why most people say taking online surveys is just another online scam. It can be hard to find a high paying site with all of the bad ones. You are never sure if you should sign up or not! But there is a technique that can help you find a good site to join and make cash.

First of all, before I get to the technique I would like to tell you to avoid using search engines because you will always get bad results thus resulting to a scam site. The search engine is doing it’s job of providing you with a list of survey sites but when 8 on 10 sites are scams, the list you are getting is probably full of bad sites.

And as for the technique, use big forums to your advantage. Big ones are established sites with members telling you their experience with survey sites. They are loyal unlike smaller forum members which will just waste your time giving you bad sites. Once you have found a good site to join, the hard part is over and you can start making money.

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