My university has had some Issues over the years with ethical lapses of one sort or another, mostly involving biomedical faculty and researchers. Their occasional lapses result in an ever-changing set of university-wide requirements for ethics training for all faculty, researchers, and grad students. Faculty were initially required to attend 6 hours of workshops in ethics training. These workshops were completely useless. The people running them were not faculty, and had no experience with managing grants or people or labs or anything relevant to the topics being discussed. This requirement has gradually been expanded. There are some training activities we have to participate in every year, others every 3 years; some are online activities, some are in-person activities. All have been useless in a practical sense, and only have value in reminding us to take ethical issues seriously. If we don’t get checked off for all the required ethics training activities, we aren’t allowed to have grants.

I am not a biologist; my scientific research does not involve human or animal subjects or their tissues or bodily fluids or thoughts or cultures or anything like that. Yet I am supposed to educate myself about policies regarding the Acquisition, Use, and Disposal of Human Bodies, just as an example. Is this a good use of my time? In fact (confession of ethical lapse!), I don’t read those things. Instead, I peruse some of the nifty relevant things in the ethics training documents, like that I cannot use my NSF travel money to pay the difference between an economy airfare and a higher-class airfare. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to do that, but I suppose there are those who gave it a try. So I check off the box that says I have read everything, but I do not print out the form to remind myself of all the important things I have learned. I don’t know which printer to use.

You will have to develop your knowledge and understanding around potential conflicts between local industry, and health promotion campaigns are for example, anti-smoking campaigns and parents employed within the tobacco industry. Your competency level will be assessed on planning a Health Promotion Campaign for a target audience of yours. Note 1: This is a group activity, each student must participate actively in completing the PowerPoint presentation. From your group, you will be allocated a task for which you must complete as part of own contribution towards the presentation. As an individual, you must produce not more than 2 slides covering the given assessment criteria, and this must be handed over to the group leader for final presentation. You will be required to present your own slides and each member of the group will submit the group PowerPoint (12 slides) individually. You need to write an essay of approximately 1000 words covering entire LO1 (1.1, 1.2 & 1.3). (Opportunity to achieve M1 & D1).

The essay needs to be based on baseline information that you have gathered about your local community in order to identify needs, socio-economic factors influencing health, inequalities, and barriers to accessing health as discussed above. 1.1 Explain the effects of socioeconomic influences on health. 1.2 Assess the relevance of government sources in reporting on inequalities in health. Having been recently employed by a G.P practice in the role of a smoking cessation officer. You task is to reduce the number of patients registered at the practice who smoke. Using knowledge from the lectures and your reading say why this is an important target for the practice and which model would you use to help smokers quit. Explain what your role would be in this intervention relating to theory and discuss how you could help the patients to become long term non-smokers (LO2.1, 2.2, 2.3) (M1, M3, & D1). Your essay should not be more than 1,200 words long. From the following health promotion topics, breastfeeding, tackling Obesity, stopping smoking, increasing regular exercise etc. write an essay covering any subject of your interest.

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