It is a research paper , It will count for 10% of the course grade.  The students are supposed to pick a topic related to Islamic Banking and Finance and write a maximum of 10-page research report on it. You are free to consult as many sources to prepare for your report as long as you (i) synthesize your material, (ii) avoid plagiarism, and (iii) cite the sources in your report.
Islamic Banking and Finance
Examples of the topics you can choose are:

  • Emergence of Sukuk market
  • Emergence of Islamic Banking in the world
  • Development of the Islamic Insurance industry
  • How different are Islamic banks from the conventional banks?
  • Can UAE become a world leader in Islamic Banking and Finance?
  • Future directions and trends of the Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Governance of Islamic Financial institutions

Islamic Banking and Finance
The grade would be assigned based on the quality of the write-up, including its originality, synthetization of ideas and presentation.
Islamic Banking and Finance

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