Get help Kaplan-University CM 220 Unit 6 Quiz. 1. Question : What are the parts of an annotated bibliography? Question 2. Question : Common approaches to writing annotations include which of the following? Student Answer: Summarize the source, evaluate it for reliability and validity, and reflect on its usefulness for your Assignment. Quote the source, summarize it, and write an essay. Paraphrase the source, write an overview, and evaluate it. Write an abstract, evaluate it, and write an essay. Question 3. Question : What is paraphrasing? Student Answer: Paraphrasing is using a source word for word. Paraphrasing is putting someone else’s idea entirely into your own words and structure. Paraphrasing is writing an abstract of an article. Paraphrasing is a matter of swapping out a few words in someone else’s sentence with new words. Question 4. Question : The three Rs for evaluating sources are which of the following? Question 5. Question : What is plagiarism? Student Answer: Plagiarism refers to academic dishonesty that can be intentional or unintentional. Plagiarism is attempting to recycle your own work from another course or semester.

To reduce her stress, Elizabeth (mother) will be advised to walk to work at least one stop from her current drop off location. She will be advised to the same on her return trip at the end of the day’s work. I will introduce the family in general and the mother in particular to stress relieving African American gospel music to relax them in stressful situations. The family will be advised to avoid alcoholic drinks for Elizabeth sake in order to prevent her BP from rising thereby triggering hypertension. I stressed to the family that I believe these goals are achievable if they dedicate their time and effort and I will be available to offer my assistance whenever it is needed. On this note I gave them my cell phone to lend weight to my desire to assist them meet our set goals. The health problem identified by the Johnson family as a major concern to them is Elizabeth’s (mother) hypertension and weight problem. The family and I discussed in greater details the steps involved in developing an achievable health plan. The planning stage is one of the most important in the nursing process.

As stated in the text, “the purpose of health planning may center on improved crisis management or health promotion,”(Logon, 1986, p.250). With my knowledge and skill, I educated the family on the need and importance of achieving set goals regarding their health issues. The family was encouraged to use services of Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation whose programs and services I am confident will be of great help to the Johnson. I explained to the family the programs of the organization that are relevant to their health problem. I told them the organization would provide them with pamphlets, videos on hypertension, high blood pressure weight management exercises among many other resource materials that may helpful to their situation. The organization will also provide the Johnson with support groups that will provide them the necessary moral support and encouragement. Most importantly, the family through the support group will be able to meet with others copying with the same heath problems as they are. The agency’s nutrition and exercise programs will help Elizabeth a lot in losing weight and stress to some extent.

The other members of the family will also learn how to eat nutritionally balanced diet and reduce stress from the nutritional and exercise programs of the agency. I emphasized to the family the need to be motivated in order to achieve our goals. The family said they will use the services of the agency and promised to go there at a time and date to be determined by them to suit their schedule. I gave them the address, phone number of the agency and the name of the person to contact. The relationship I developed with the family is based on mutual respect, trust, empathy, openness, understanding and care for their well being. During the introductory phase of the project I told the family I will mot use their real names. Only their initials will be used and that my professor is the only person I will share their information with. With this in place, they were assured of confidentiality of their information and consequently I gained their trust. They felt at ease sharing their personal information and health problems with me.

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