Kaplan-University GB 601 Unit Discussions

Get help Kaplan-University GB 601 Unit Discussions . In week two one task that your team will face is to analyze growth opportunities for expansion. In the global economy there are many strong ties between corporate ethics and profit. McMurrian and Matulich offer this hypothesis, “In fact, a reputation for ethical business activities can be a major source of competitive advantage” (2006, p. 1. Conduct research to validate the statement made above by McMurrian and Matulich. 3. Comment on how this research applies to your current employer or one that you have worked for in the past. 4. Comment on how this research will increase the effectiveness of your simulation team’s decision-making. As your company grows and faces increasingly complex challenges, you may be finding that the original strategy you created is changing. You are also changing and growing to meet these new challenges. ” (2007, para 6). They are key to achieving the goal of creating the learning organization.

For this week’s discussion question, you will be reviewing the readings for this week, viewing to the Extra Extra videos, and using your own organization to research how these disciplines can be integrated into organizational growth and improvement. 1. A brief description of your current employment organization or one that you have worked for in the past. 2. A review of how these disciplines have been integrated (either formally or informally) within the organization and the impact on organizational effectiveness. 3. Commentary on how the organization can improve. 4. How you can integrate this information into your business plan in the classroom team. All small business owners find themselves looking for small business funding at one point or another. In this simulation you are preparing to seek funding from venture capitalist, but there are many other sources of funding to consider. The small business owner must determine how these sources marry with company vision, mission and values, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each funding source. 1. Present a high level overview of at least 4 types of sources.

2. Select the top 2 sources that you think would be a best fit for the growth stage of your business. 3. Discuss how you would identify specific companies/individuals within these 2 choices to find one that is the most compatible with your organizations values. Last week you presented to the venture capital team and received feedback on how to increase your chances of success as you grow your company. You will be incorporating this feedback into your business plan and possibly changing your strategy. Link ow tells us “In this rapidly changing world with tight–and getting tighter–resources, the capacity to make and execute strategy is a source of competitive advantage. Organizations that don’t have strategic competence embedded in their infrastructures will fall behind” (1999, p. 1. Define each competency using Linkow’s work and other sources you discover in your research. 2. Discuss the impact achieving a high degree of skill in these competencies can have on an organization’s growth. 3. Select a business leader that has exhibited either one or both of these competencies and give an example to support your thoughts.

4. Talk about how this information can be helpful to your team as they change the business plan. 5. Describe how personal integration of this information can increase your effectiveness as a team member. You have been working in virtual teams starting from the first week and needed to be highly effective almost instantaneously. In week 6 you will be presenting to the board and one area of this presentation includes lessons learned throughout the simulation. One key area you will address is how the team learned to work together from the outset, how you continued to maximize individual strengths to create a high performing team, and what you will be doing to continue this development. 1. What process the team employed to engage all team members quickly? 2. How successful was your team process? 3. How roles and responsibilities were assigned? 4. What best practices this and from previous courses, articles, books, and assignments have helped you? 5. What changes did you need to make along the way to ensure that the team operated in a highly effective fashion? 6. How will you apply this knowledge to your workplace and other teams you will be operating on in the future?

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