Get help Kaplan-University HN 144 Unit 7 Practice Quiz. 1. Question : Aspects of the poverty cycle include marrying later in life. Question 2. Question : A genogram is essentially a family tree. Question 3. Question : In resolving conflict, the strategy of finding some truth in what the other person (or side) is saying and then expressing “agreement” is disarming. Question 4. Question : In the problem-solving approach to resolving conflict, the conflict is defined as a win-lose situation. Question 5. Question : Erikson theorizes that generativity involves a concern for and interest in establishing and guiding the next generation. Question 6. Question : Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize and deal with one’s own feelings as well as the feelings of others. Question 7. Question : In a study of 500 corporations, Goleman found self-esteem to be most closely associated with effective work performance except. Question 8. Question : In blended families, stepmothers are generally not concerned about what is best for the children, as they are much more concerned about their own well-being.

Question 10. Question : People who marry at an older age are more apt to divorce than those who marry at a very young age. Question 11. Question : Peck theorizes that successful adjustment in middle adulthood includes mental flexibility. Question 12. Question : In applying Levinson’s theories to women, women have been found to have dreams that place a greater emphasis on relationships as compared to men. Question 13. Question : Women who are financially able to support themselves are less likely to seek a divorce if their marriage goes sour. Question 14. Question : Peck’s theories of psychological development include psychological advances critical to successful adjustment in middle adulthood like culminating life structure versus early adult transition. Question 15. Question : In Levinson’s theories, “settling down” occurs during the culminating life structure for early adulthood transition. Question 16. Question : Erikson theorized that after young people develop a sense of identity, they next face the psychosocial crisis of intimacy versus isolation. Question 17. Question : In Levinson’s theories, “entering the adult world” occurs during early adult transition.

Question 18. Question : With the role reversal conflict resolution approach, the two sides engaged in the conflict attempt to sell their own solution without really listening to the other side. Question 19. Question : According to Maslow, a self-actualized person is self-directed. Question 20. Question : A person’s sexual feelings can be signaled through gestures, and Scheflen states that preening behavior is designed to send a message that the sender is attracted to the receiver. Question 21. Question : In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self esteem is the next highest after safety. Question 22. Question : A major result of divorce for most women is a serious decline in their standard of living. Question 23. Question : Family norms are the rules that specify what is considered proper behavior within the family group. Question 24. Question : According to Cameron-Bandler, a couple in the appreciation relationship stage tend to focus on the positive qualities of each other. Question 25. Question : Conflict theorists assume that since there is such enormous wealth in modern societies, no one in these societies should go without satisfaction of their essential needs.

The market data are adjusted to include dividends. 1. Use the data given to calculate annual returns for Goodman, Landry, and the Market Index, and then calculate average annual returns for the two stocks and the index. Hint: Remember, returns are calculated by subtracting the beginning price from the ending price to get the capital gain or loss, adding the dividend to the capital gain or loss, and then dividing the result by the beginning price. Assume that dividends are already included in the index. 2. Calculate the standard deviations of the returns for Goodman, Landry, and the Market Index. 3. What dividends do you expect for Goodman Industries stock over the next 3 years if you expect the dividend to grow at the rate of 5% per year for the next 3 years? In other words, calculate D1, D2, and D3. 4. Assume that Goodman Industries’ stock has a required return of 13%. You will use this required return rate to discount the dividends calculated earlier.

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