Provide two replies to other student posts. These replies should be at least 2-3 sentences and should be written to further the discussion. The Discussion Board is where you post your responses to the Discussion topics and share your experiences in completing exercises and applying the concepts of this course. You will need to post an initial response that thoroughly covers the topic(s). You will also need to respond substantially to at least two of your classmate’s posts. These replies should be at least 2-3 sentences that further the discussion (remark on something specific from the post, tactfully point out mistakes, ask questions about the post, etc.). You should post throughout the unit to get assistance on problems with which you may be having issues. This will also to give your classmates the opportunity to respond to your ideas. The Instructor Graded Assignment is a different and completely separate Assignment from the MML Graded Practice. The Instructor Graded Assignment for this unit will involve creating graphs, charts, and tables, which are used in most any application.

Graphs and charts can illustrate most any set of data, but in this Assignment, you will demonstrate that sometimes graphs or charts can be confusing or too busy or too stark to be effective. Go to Doc Sharing found on the top menu of the course, scroll down to “Unit 8 Instructor Graded Assignment,” and click the link. The document is a template that you will complete for this Assignment and also includes the instructions for you to follow. All of your work will be done in this template. When you complete this Assignment, you will need to rename the document, save it in a place where you can find it, and then upload it to the unit Dropbox. All Assignments are due by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. ET of the assigned unit. 1. Using the information in the table, construct a bar graph showing total sales by salesperson for the shop. 2. Using the bar graph to the right to determine the answer which quarter had the highest dollar volume? 3. What percent of the yearly sales were the sales for October-December? 4. The family budget illustrated in the figure to the right. What is the total take-home pay and what percent is allocated for transportation? 122 for gold . Parlor sold five categories 1, two categories 2, and three category 3 in stainless and one each of categories 1, 2, and 3 in gold in a month. 1000 per month to offer piercings.

There are 4 Discussion Board Forums completed throughout this course. For each forum, you are required to post a thread of at least 350 words. You are also required to post a minimum of 1 reply of at least 250 words to another classmate’s thread. You must incorporate a minimum of 2-3 citations in each reply as well as integrate 1 biblical principle. Acceptable sources include any of the assigned textbooks, the Bible, outside texts, and articles from peer-reviewed journals. You will answer the questions at the end of the case in 4 full-5 full pages (double spaced), which does not include the title or reference pages. The Case Assignments must be written in current APA format. In addition to the Ferrell textbook, utilize outside sources on the case questions. All sources must be of a scholarly nature; the sources must be either textbooks or journal articles from peer-reviewed journals.

A minimum of 5 references are required. As this is a paper that requires research, it must be written in third person. Case Assignment 1 can be found in the Ferrell textbook. Efficacy of Monsanto’s Ethical Culture. Costs and Benefits of Growing GMO Seed. Management of Harm to Plants and Animals. Case Assignment 2 can also be found in the Ferrell textbook. How did the corporate culture of Enron contribute to its bankruptcy? In what ways did Enron’s bankers, auditors, and attorneys contribute to Enron’s demise? What role did the company’s Chief Financial Officer play in creating the problems that led to Enron’s financial problems? Submit the Case Assignments via SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. Monday of the assigned modules/weeks. What do you believe is the single most influential force in today’s society that sets the tone for an individual’s personal values and why? Does this force affect Christians positively or negatively?

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