Kids Have Stress Too! Question & Answer Theory Component of KHST! Assignment


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Kids Have Stress Too! Preschool Program Promoting resilience and self-regulation in early learning environments (Outcome 1, , 3)Theory Component of KHST! AssignmentLondon Main Campus OnlyName: ____________________ Group: ___________________ Due Date: _________________ Assignment must be typed Include the questions when answering this assignment Include title pagePart A- introduction Answer the following in your own words 1. Stress happens in everyone’s life: a) What are some common sources of stress in your life? Discuss b) When do you know when you’re stressed? c) What do you do to help alleviate your stress? Do you think you react in a positive way?. Have you ever seen a child become stressed? a) What happened? b) How did you see the child cope with the situation? Do you think they reacted in a positive way?3. Read pages 18 & 5-55, it lists the different stressors children may experience in their daily life and the signs and symptoms that may occur. a) Did any of these “stressors” surprise you? Why or why not?. Read pages 1&1 –overview of the program a) In your own words, why should we focus on stress? b) Why should we focus on the early childhood environment?5. Read page 17 –introduction a) In your own words, what is stress b) Why is it important that we recognize that stress exists for children?Part B –Reducing stress: Developmental consideration1. Go to page 3-33 and read the nine temperament traits and how children may react. a) How does being aware of children’s temperaments help you to understand their stress? Give two example. b) Read pages 3-3. Now having the knowledge of different temperaments and being aware of different ways children respond, how will it affect your teaching style?. Read page 35 a. Discuss some differences in gender that we as educators need to be aware of and why? b. What does this tell us in setting up the environment?3. Read pages 36-38–Self-Esteem a) Why do we need to be aware of children’s self-esteem? b) How can we help build a positive self-esteem, explain?Part C –The Physiology of Stress 1. Read pages 5-7 a) In your own words define stress and explain the different types b) Why is this information important as educators?. Read pages 8-5 a) In your own words explain the stress response. b) Can you give an example of a time you or someone you know displayed the “flight or fight” response? c) How does this information apply to the early learning environment? Explain3. Read pages 51-53 –Perception and stress a) Why is this information helpful to educators?. Read pages 55-58 –Recognizing stress: Practical tips a) What do you think about the comment on “see beyond behaviour” why do we need to be aware of this?5. Read page 5 –Mind-body connections. Do you agree with this research? Have you ever tried it in a stressful situation? Explain6. After completing the theory component, does this change your own thoughts and philosophy of early learning about childhood and the importance of helping children cope with stress? ExplainAdditional resources : gry-kids-stressed-out-parents post Kids Have Stress Too! Question & Answer Theory Component of KHST! Assignment appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.
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