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Talk about uncertainties. There may be uncontrollable circumstances that impact your experiment, such as weather changes or unavailability of a certain supply. Discuss these uncertainties and their potential impact on the overall experiment. Propose future experiments. In light of what you learned in your experiment, give recommendations on the design of future experiments. What could be changed to elicit more reliable or valid results? Propose additional questions that arise. Sometimes, scientific research trials will generate more questions than answers. Relate your research to other research. Particularly for more advanced lab reports, you may choose to discuss how your research adds to the research in the field. Visualize all research on your topic as a brick wall, and your own research is one brick in that wall. How does your research fit within the overall scheme of things? ] – Describe what is new or innovative about your research. This can often set you apart from your classmates, many of whom will just write up the barest of discussion and conclusion.

Add a final statement. Wrap up the entire conclusion – and the entire report – with a statement that summarizes the scope of the lab report and the most important conclusions. Alternately, speculate on future uses for the research. Here is your chance to make an insightful comment that will set your lab report apart from others. Write in the third person. Avoid using “I,” “we” or “me” in your lab report. Read through the full report. Once you’ve finalized your conclusion, read through the entire report to make sure it is logical. Watch for any places where you might contradict yourself, and correct these instances. Your conclusion should reiterate what you learned from the experiment and how you came to understand these learning outcomes. Proofread your report. Check for spelling and grammatical errors in your report. A report that contains errors can inadvertently decrease the report’s reliability. Take the time to ensure your report is error-free. Give us 3 minutes of knowledge! If you include figures or tables in your conclusion, be sure to include a brief caption or label so that the reader knows what the figures refer to. Take care with writing your lab report when working in a team setting. While the lab experiment may be a collaborative effort, your lab report is your own work.

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