Well it is literally the last minute. Christmas has arrived, Hanukkah is half-way through and you are still without a gift for that important person. Last minute shopping syndrome can hit any of us, and often at the wrong time. You may have forgotten an anniversary, a birthday, a festival like Christmas or anything equally unforgivable. And we know this, because we too have been through it at some point of time. To help you cope with that last minute stress of buying a wonderful gift, we give some top class gift suggestions that you can use.

Gift cards

These are often the most obvious choice. Most departmental stores stack them too, often giving a choice of different retailers. Pick up a card that is more specific to your loved one’s needs. Or if you are literally at your loved one’s doorstep while making a purchase, try buying online cards from your mobile phone. You could download these quickly and email them to your loved ones immediately.

Downloadable gifts

Thanks to the digital age, gifts can now be downloaded quickly and easily. You can choose to purchase music, books on to kindle or Nook, using a wide range of available e-retailers. What’s more, you can even download photographs or artworks pertaining to your favourite artists. If you have a ready photograph of your loved one, you can also popart it and email it to them as a Christmas gift. This can later be printed on to a medium of their choice.

Readymade designs

If you want to retain the charm of a real gift, which involves tearing the gift wrapper off, you can consider a gift of art. However, this means that you will have to go to a store and purchase a piece. You can instead simply pick up a piece of art online and ask it to be shipped to your loved one. However, if you are at his or her doorstep, do inform them graciously that a special gift is on the way for them, which inadvertently got delayed with the festive rush.

Create an opportunity

While many gifts are received on Christmas or special occasions, use this time to create an opportunity for a gift that comes later. Use the services of a professional photographer or use a good camera to take good pictures of the occasion. You can create interesting photo collages or pop art versions of these photographs that can be used for gifting later. Such gifts will be more cherished, as they will capture the essence of the occasion and create lasting memories.

Photo art is a unique gift, that is useful not just now but forever. It helps capture important moments of life on the timeless frame that stays on for generations to see. Give the gift of art to people whom you truly love and care about. And when you do so, you ensure that your gift and along with it your love and affection for the people involved stays young forever.

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