Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

This submission should include a description of your individual in the very old age stage of his/her life.

You will also include a treatment plan that addresses his problem/issue. The treatment plan needs to be grounded in theory and research. It will reflect everything that you?ve described about the individual?s life in previous papers.

AND include a personal reflection that indicates your understanding of the importance and application of the case study project and semester information.

Use APA (6th ed.) format.
1- Each developmental period incorporates at least five developmental theories. Application of developmental theories provides insight and in-depth analysis to conceptualize case study.
2- The content includes a balanced presentation and application of relevant theories from each chapter. Application is thoughtful and in-depth and provides understanding for the case study. Each developmental period contains a clear discussion of strategies that would promote overall health and wellness.
3- The ideas expressed in the project are logically arranged and support a central purpose. The project transitions smoothly from one idea to another and the reader can follow the line of reasoning.
4- An in-depth plan, which is supported by scholarly work, is developed to promote health and wellness of the case study at the initial level of development that was identified in the introduction. Strategies to help the individual identify strengths and resources to cope with environmental and developmental issues within that particular developmental period are clearly addressed.
5- Reflection is in-depth and indicates an understanding of the importance and application of the Case Study and semester information.
6- The Statement of the problem includes background information and clearly identifies the issue.

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