Literature review chapter for a masters level MBA.  Paper written 12 Arial with Harvard referencing.    Background: what are the commonality in practice between successful head teachers? what is the model for successful school leadership? what are the imperatives that drive successful heads?


At least 10 references (Harvard referencing) to include Fullan, Hopkins, Leithwood, Robinson, and NCSL – strong claims about successful school leadership and impact of successful leadership on pupil outcomes.  The literature and writing should aim to: increase personal and professional knowledge through research and enquiry,
• develop strategic thinking, leadership of learning and change management skills
• explore policy influences on educational leadership and outcomes
• enhance awareness and understanding for managing diverse resources
• provide intellectual challenge and stimulation from the best of practice and research
• develop reflection and enquiry into leadership theory and leadership practice.

the writing / literature is set in the context of Education in the UK, with examples from international practice


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