Learning About the World Mastering New Skills Making New Friends

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Learning About the World Mastering New Skills Making New Friends

In the classroom students can have activities that involve the worl we live in. We can have different foods and music brought in from different cultures to expand our classroom understanding of one another. New skills can be taught within language, alphabet and numbers when ready for advancement. The students will make new deiwnda within stoey time and activity time as they get to know one another.

In the outdoor environment they can learn about the world by exploring whats around them physically. They can learn new skills by employment or society in which they live. Friends can be made by neighborhood meeting’s or gatherings as they get familiar with one another and new faces.

In the home they can use different sources within web sites or television to learn about the world in which they live in. The television shows or news will teach things about the world that arw helpful as well as unknown. New skills can be taught among each other as parents or sibling’s grasping knowlwdge of unknown things. Meeting new family and friends can be done at parties or reunions among one another. These are all areas that can be reached within home, outdoors or within classrooms.

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