I would NOT go with this writer or this writing company. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service. No one follows your instructions. No one gives a dime about your concerns. Even after repeatedly requesting the writer to get in touch with me to discuss the idea, he/she NEVER once bothered to get in touch with me and then delivered the paper what he/she thought was write. 2. No contact with you. 6. All they care abut is getting the money from you. 8. This is a SCAM. Take your money some place else. You will be disappointed. I normally scheme through the feedback on writing services that I want to use in order to know what I am getting myself into. I found none whatsoever at grademiners and it got me wondering what they feel they need to hide. It is hard to trust such a site. It would be nice if they made placing an order easy then we wouldn’t feel like we’re wasting our time.

To me one service is as good as the other and we all get different experiences even when we use the same service. It might not however work for another so well. The prices at grademiners are not as friendly as they had claimed! I have used other writing services that asked for less and I got a better piece. I mean, if you pay for it then you simply expect the best. The main thing that disappointed me was their superficiality when it came to the requirements I gave them. It really made me mad because I paid a lot of money (for me), and they were really sloppy with what I asked them to do.. What’s your experience with them? It’s the first time I want to try an outsourcing option for my college tasks.. I have a painful essay to make and I can’t do it on my own… do you recommend this essay service?

’t recommend this service! Don’t expect them to actually give you the refund they promise you if you’re not satisfied or they make you fail! I have used this site in the past and the work has been ok. Recently, I submitted a text-in which I received a 40%-COMPLETELY failing-not even close to passing-and they have stalled and given me every reason why they will not refund my money. They said they made a decision as to my case, and the decision was “no refund”. When the hell were they going to tell me? No one contacted me, and they have spent more time arguing with me about this then trying to help me! I will NEVER use them again! Ordered a paper at another website. I was on hold for days waiting for a writer to be assigned. The topic was too complicated or so they said. I cancelled the order after 3 days of waiting. So disappointing. Called Grademiners to ask for help and they took my order. Had to pay top dollar for urgency but they find a writer almost at once. I saw four grammar mistakes in my essay. This is not acceptable. I am paying for perfect quality, otherwise I could have written the essay by myself. 3 times…the first time wasn’t something I expected…I talked to my writer and we discussed everything. He adjusted, and the next two essays were perfect!

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The movies sold and recorded on DVDs today are worth about 20 Billion Dollar or nearly as much as Hollywood earns on the Box Office “cinema” income of first-run movies. Early recording were music concerts, longer symphonic orchestra music, which was what you would go to listen to if you went to the theater to listen to a concert. The recording industry then innovated and created shorter forms of music, inventing the pop song of about 3 minutes in length. This was not viable on the stage, ‘we don’t go listen to the London Symphony Orchestra play 3 minutes’. Musicians, because of the reach their music had, were able to branch into other media, most notably radio and the movies. It meant for the first time you did not have to be wealthy, to go to the opera, own your own instruments to be able to enjoy music. It was also like publishing a controlled economy and distribution system. Analogue recordings created a new industry, the music business, and slowly cannibalized music from print. The mobile is the ultimate alert and news media, faster by several order of magnitude over any other.

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