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Industrialization originated in eighteenth-century England and was spurred by the introduction of the steam engines and modernization of the textile industry. In the nineteenth century industrialization moved on, spreading to the rest of Europe, America and Japan. The workplace of most Europeans was significantly changed. Businesses grew bigger, and industrialization sped up the formation of «corporations, monopolies, and cartels» (Watts). Financial capital turned into an important source of power, and petroleum and electricity became vital energy sources. We Can Write Custom Essays on Industrialization for You! The industrialization «gave man a new conception of power in relation to his physical environment» (Kreis 2004), giving one a sense of power and control over one’s physical conditions. Man was now the master of nature to a greater degree than before, and so far the disastrous consequences of industrial activities such as pollution were not as evident. With all the benefits of the advances in technology, the Industrial Age came at a social cost.

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