Finding  legitimate  work at home jobs isn’t always easy, but the opportunities are definitely out there. You can find them – all you have to do is know how to go about it. Is it time to accomplish the goal that has been alluding you for years? Is it time to make all your work at home dreams come true? You can make money at home, and have a great job too!

If you sit there and do nothing, you will get nothing. Working from home has probably been your dream for a long time. Over the last five years, telecommuting has become a business staple. Why? Businesses have discovered that having employees work from home is good for them. If you don’t make the commitment to investigate your opportunities now, then when?

When you want to make money at home, the most important consideration is making sure that the opportunity you try for entails honest, gainful employment. After all, although you want to work from your home, you do want a  legitimate  opportunity that lets you make money.

There are significant differences between  legitimate  work at home jobs and home business opportunities. The first involves being hired, employed and paid by a company located somewhere other than your home. Although you’re working from home, you’re an employee of the company and you’ll receive an IRS Form W-2 which reflects your earnings for the year.

With a work from home business opportunity, you’ll either start your own business or you’ll work as an independent contractor. Independent business owners must submit income tax returns based on the type of business, while independent contractors will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year. With the right concept, you can be successful and make money at home with either method.

Some  legitimate  work at home jobs might require you to pay for a pre-hire personal credit check (this is a fairly common practice), but you won’t need to pay the company itself in order to be hired. In fact, the cost of the pre-hire credit check, if any, should be your only expense. As an employee, you won’t pay your employer – the company will pay you for your work.

You will, however, need to satisfy several technical requirements if you’re planning to work from home. For example, you’ll need a telephone, a computer with reliable Internet access, and a direct network connection. By performing your due diligence and  researching  telecommute friendly companies, you can make money at home and be very successful.  Legitimate  work at home jobs really do exist!

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